I'm back!
~ Julie's catchphrase

Julie is a former member of the band Puffy and a villainess in the animated series Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. She was kicked out of the band for doing bad things to Ami Onuki. She was voiced by Lara Jill Miller.


Even if it seemed she was being nice to Yumi Yoshimura, it was all part of a plan she devised to learn her weakness and get rid of her by dropping an amp on her. Ami interfered but it ended up falling on both. Nonetheless the fans who saw this were mad at her and booed her off. Soon, she was kicked out and she plotted revenge.


She has green eyes, green hair with some of it tied into a ponytail and wears a white shirt with the red no symbol (like the ones you see on street signs) on it. She also wears a black leather jacket, jeans, and boots similar to Yumi's.


Julie is a minor character from the show, she was part of the band with Ami and Yumi a long time ago. As the tours went on, people have grown to worship Ami and Yumi much more than her, even her name wasn't put in the band. Since then, Julie started to plot Ami and Yumi's destruction. She forgets Ami's name and calls her Arthur and hurts her in various ways. She puts on the innocent act so no one would think she's doing it on purpose. She fails to get rid of Ami and Yumi and the audience boos at her when she said that she was the real star. Julie freaks out, claiming that the audience's reaction was not love but mean. Julie talks to her keyboard calling it Keyboard Guitar and she dresses it up in a hat and glasses. Julie was insane enough for Kaz to put her in a straight jacket. She was last seen talking to her keyboard guitar swearing revenge. Julie only wants to be loved like Ami and Yumi, though it is never explained how the audience did not notice her that much.

Special Abilities

Julie is able to drive the tour bus like Ami and Yumi. She can even lift them and all of their instruments with only one finger. Julie is also known to be a tactical genius. She was planning to flatten both Ami and Yumi like a pancake with the amp she placed on her "Puffy JulieYumi" sign. She knew Ami would come to Yumi's aid.



  • Julie only appeared in the unaired segment Julie AmiYumi.
  • She didn't remember Ami's name and called her Arthur. Some viewers may think that she did that on purpose, but she also called her Arthur when she was talking to her keyboard.
  • Though she only appeared in one segment, Julie became popular with the fans of the show.
  • Julie's voice is almost like Juniper Lee from The Life & Times of Juniper Lee and Kari Kamiya from Digimon because of Lara Jill Miller.
  • If the show was to continue, Julie would have made more appearances.
  • Julie is the only Puffy member that wears trousers (jeans).
  • If Julie was part of the band long ago, this could mean that she was as nice to Ami as she was to Yumi before she plotted her revenge.
  • Some fans believe Julie's keyboard guitar has something to do with her insanity and revenge.
  • It's also possible that the band was called Puffy YumiJulie before Ami came and join the band and she became more popular than Julie.