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Is it "Why did I sabotage our project?"
~ Julie trying to guess the Riddler's question while revealing her nature

Julie is the main antagonist of The Batman episode "The Riddler's Revenge". In this incarnation, she was directly responsible for Edward Nygma's transformation into the Riddler.


After a ship explosion caused by a corrupt business official, Batman and The Riddler were trapped in a crate underwater. The Riddler then decides to share his biography and mentions his killjoy father before introducing Julie, who is helping Nygma create a Mind-Altering device. The same business official that caused the explosion is trying to get his hands on the technology for control and profit. He pushes the man down and says no. When Julie asked why Nygma would do that, Nygma tells Julie about his father and all the other people trying to stop him from achieving his goals and she pretends to sympathize with him. When Nygma was demonstrating his device to the professor of his institute something went wrong and it knocked him unconscious. Realized that the device was tampered with, Nygma blamed the greedy business owner and rewired the man's house into a dangerous trap house and nearly killed him before Batman intervened. Riddler then ended the flashback as Batman had figured a way out of the crate and saved them both.

Riddler then pointed out that the business man couldn't have been the one who rigged the demonstration because he wasn't a scientist, leaving Julie as the only other suspect. Nygma then knocked Batman unconscious and went to confront Julie, who admitted to sabotaging the device because Nygma was "a psychopath who would have hindered success," however, she ironically proved herself to be insane during the conversation. Nygma then tried to kill Julie, but Batman saved her. The Riddler had her tied up, and Robin attempted to untie her, however, Batman said that Julie needed to be arrested for her crimes. It is assumed that Julie was taken to Arkham Asylum permanently.