Julia Heine in the Attic of The 7th Guest

Julia Heine in the Attic of The 7th Guest

Julia Heine is the 4th guest in the 7th guest series.
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Julia, with Stauf, in her cameo in 11th Hour

A recovering achoholic, Heine suffers from depression. Her villianious nature stems from her drive to acheive her "hearts most secret dark desire", which is to be young and beautiful once more. She is noted for being the only guest who acheived Stauf's goals, and yet was denied of her wish in the very end.


An elderly woman, Julia often reflects back on her life. She yearns to be young, beautiful, and bold once more, a time where she believes she could have take on the world. Her remembrance caused her to develop a quickly developed drinking problem, so severe that it cost her her job. She is confident that Stauf will satisfy her wish, only if she is willing to sacrifice the 7th guest's soul to him.


Julia Heine is very clearly a selfish and vain woman. She is absolutely humiliated by unnattractiveness as a result of her old age. She often expresses downright disgust over trivial situations when they are not up to her high standards. Her immense pride over herself is higher than her morality, and she is willing to literally sell her soul, or anyone else's for that matter, to get what she wants.

7th Guest

Julia was the 4th guest introduced to Stauf's mansion. She walks in the mansion, absolutely horrified and disgusted with her first impressions of it. She compares the mansion to a dump and commented that she had expected more from the great Mr. Stauf. In the dinning room, Julia Heine was not much of a conversationist with the other guests as she complained about the quality of the fare. She refuses to eat anything off the dinner table, but is seen taking a swig of her goblet, which is more than likely an alcholic drink. When Ellinor found out that the cake itself was a litteral puzzle that needed to be solved, Julie said in a disgusted manner "That's impossible!" without even trying to solve it for herself, a statement that was proven false by Temple.

After the dinning room puzzle, Julia is seen in the kitchen rearranging soup cans in the pantry. She mutters to herself as she attempts to solve this puzzle, convinced that she's solved it only to find out upon further notice  that her puzzle has yet to be solved. She stubbornly continues trying to solve the puzzle. She eventually does and finds out the cans spell out "SHY GYPSY SLYLY SPRYLY TRYST BY MY CRYPT", absolutely ignorant of the fact that this message referred to Edward and Martine themselves.

In the novel version, Julie hears Brian Dutton yelling loudly from his designated bedroom, which was right above the kitchen. When Julia investigated, she found Dutton sprawled on his floor in fetal position, his hands clutching his ears tightly. It is implied that Julia ignored Brian afterwords.

After this segment, the 6th guests held a meeting in the library to discuss their discoveries. Brian was the first one to discuss his findings, insisting that he has heard strange music from his bedroom. Julia snapped back at Brian, pointing out that she did not hear any such music when she came to his bedroom, but admitted that she heard "Brian screaming like a mad man." When it was apparent to her that everyone saw or heard something unusual except for her, Julia stated that no one saw anything unusal and it was just their imaginations. She suggests that they retire back to the dinning room and try out the soup. Apparently, no one complied with her suggestion, as she is the only one who is seen in the kitchen afterwards retrieving the soup.

Back in the kitchen, Julia opens the pot on the stove to get her share of soup. She takes a spoon and does a taste-test, immediately dropping the spoon on the ground and groaning out "Oh No! This isn't real!" as the soup had come to life right before her eyes. The soup demanded her to "bring the boy to me!". Julia retreats to the basement. She finds Temple there on the front steps, the 7th guest with him. Connecting the dots together and finding out that the boy was the key to Stauf's ultimate puzzle, Julia ruthlessly kills Temple. She then snatches Tad for herself and drags him up to the attic, where Stauf awaits.

It should be noted that the game was originally intended for any of the 6 guests to capture and bring the 7th guest to Stauf. This is apparent in the fact that each of the 7 guests have their own unique cutscene in the attic, which was ultimately cut from the game. Should the player have chosen Julie to capture Tad, the cutscene would have shown Julie laughing like a wild woman—clearly under the influence of the evil house. She looks behind her, and laughes wildly again as she crosses over, triumphantly.

In the ending, Julia drags Tad to Stauf. Stauf was eager to devour Tad, but got increadibly annoyed when Julia insisted that she gets her wish granted. Insulted that he got interruppted, Stuaf barfed green supernatural liquid at her feet, which Julia sank in. She cries out to Stauf "You tricked me! You tricked me! You tr--" before she was devoured.

(((It's not quite clear what the order of events are in 7th guests concerning Julia. 7th guest is rather infamous for having a confusing and nonlinear timeline. However, it's been implied that despite popular belief, Stauf did not kill Julia in this scene, but rather warped her memory and transported her to her own bedroom, which according to the map is directly below the very room that the previous scene took place. This scene can be shown prior to the ending scene, of course, which causes great confusion among fans.)))

Julia was greately satisfied with her bedroom, which is an exact replica of her nursery room when she was a young lady. She spun around giddingly and sang like a little girl. She obsesses over the bed, the cabinents, and the floor and walls before her giddiness stops abruptly as she sees the dresser, which holds a full-view mirror. She disturbingly takes a closer look, clearly dissatisfied with the reality of the situation.

This may be her childhood room, but she's not a child anymore.

Despite her excitement just a few seconds ago, Julia is reduced to tears when she sees her reflection. She cries at her reflection, remembering that there was a time long ago that she had georgeous hair. She reiterred and said that once, she was young. She confesses to her reflection that her deepest darkest wish is to be young again. She reaches out to her mirror, and her reflection steadidly gets younger and younger in appearance (and by consequence so does Julia herself). She joyfully states again that she wants to be young once more. Her reflection and her literal body get progressively younger still. When her body transforms into a virginal teenager, she questionably says "Oh, yes...why I DO appear to be free for this dance, thank you!". Julia smiles at her reflection gleefully.

Julia then immediately starts protesting, saying "No! Wait! I didn't think...that's not what I....this is too....", yet despite her protests, she grows younger still. She bawls out and has a temper tauntrum, crying out for ther mommy. She continues to transforms into she is just an infant, crying and crawling angrily on the bedroom floor. In the novel version, this curse still continue to advance to the point where the infant still grows increasingly "younger", even going so far as symbolizing a fetus without a womb to nurture it. The fetus of Julia Heine grows grey and silent before it fades in the background, apparently killing off Julia with it.

11th Hour

Despite her bizzarre death in the previous game, Julia's soul made a cameo appearance in the sequel. She is shown in her regular elderly age cutting up vegtables for the soup pot. When Chuck, who accidently betrayed Stauf and his mansion, steps into the kitchen, she greats Chuck in a condescending sarcastic manner. She smiles and asks if he's ready, which confuses Chuck. Stauf appears next to Julia, and they both smile flirtaciously with each other. Returning back to Chuck, she points at her soup pot and comments that "soup's on", which Stauf himself repeats mockingly. Julia then grabs a clever and creepily steps towards Chuck, making bad puns and suggestions, such as having a "Chuck roast" or a "Chuck steak". Stauf himself orders Julia to chuck him into the soup. Julia is last seen slicing off Chuck's head and is never seen again.

13th Doll

It is currently not known if Julia Heine will make an appearance in the upcoming fan-made noncanonical game The 13th Doll. However, it's been revealed that Tad, who is the confirmed 7th Guest, is one of the main characters in the game. It's been implied that the game will focus on a revelation of what exactly happened to the "souls that were left in the house" which implies that Julie Heine, among the other 5 guests, will make some sort of appearance.


  • Julia Heine is the oldest character in the series. She's even older than Stauf himself, despite Stauf being timeless.
  • Julia Heine's designated sin is Pride.
  • Julia's mananical laugh in the deleted video (posted above) is used frequently throughout the game. It is almost always distorted and subtle, but otherwise still creepy.
    • Ironically, or perhaps very deliberately, this laugh is never heard when Julia herself is in the scene.