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Julia Cotton

Julia Cotton is the step-mother of Kirsty Cotton and the secondary antagonist of the first two Hellraiser movies.

She was portrayed by Clare Higgins, while her skinless self was portrayed by Deborah Joel.



After relocating to England Larry and his wife Julia Cotton move into the abandoned home of Larry's deceased brother Frank.

Unbeknownst to the Cotton family, Frank was tortured, murdered and sentenced to an eternity of torment in hell after opening the lament configuration inside the home.

While moving a mattress upstairs Larry cuts his hand deeply and begins to drip blood throughout the house until he reaches the room where Frank died and Julia tends to his lacerated hand.

His blood provides the nourishment which enables Frank to escape hell and take a skinless form.

Years earlier, before marrying Larry, Julia promised Frank that she would do anything for him, so she brings home unfortunate, horny men and feeds them to Frank, so he can become whole.

Then, Kirsty brings the Cenobites back to the house and they tear apart Frank, but not before he stabs Julia accidentally and leaves her for the Cenobites.

Julia's body was later seen on a mattress with the puzzle box.

Hellbound: Hellraiser II

 In Hellbound, Julia returns after Dr. Phillip Channard arranges for one of his patients to cut himself and bleed out on the same mattress that she died on.

When she comes back, Channard feeds her some of his insane patients until she only needed only one more soul.

Later, after she tricks Dr. Kyle by seducing him, and by drinking his blood, she was made whole again.

Once Julia and Channard get Tiffany to open the Labyrinth, she betrays Channard and he becomes a Cenobite. While pursuing Kirsty and Tiffany, she finds and kills Frank by ripping his heart out.

Julia finally catches up to them, but is then sucked back into hell as she tries to attack them.


  • Julia was initially slotted to take on the role as the iconic main villain of the Hellraiser franchise, showing her development from victim to Queen of Hell, seeing how the first half of the first film portrayed her as the main focus. However, over time, the franchise deterred this role to Pinhead.


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