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Jules-Zilla was a villain from the Archie comics incarnation of Sonic the Hedgehog and was part of a large group of alternate Freedom-Fighters in another reality who became mutated into giant, destructive monsters that regularly attacked the nearby city of the kindly Mayor Kintobor.

Jules-Zilla presented the mainstream Sonic with an emotional dileema as he was forced to fight what was in essence an alternate-version of his own father, a battle made worse by the fact half of a Chaos Emerald managed to implant itself within Jules-Zilla chest, making the monster even more powerful.

Mainstream Sonic fought Jules-Zilla and the other monstrous-versions of the alternate Freedom-Fighters with the help of a large super-robot suit (ironically resembling Dr. Robotnik).

During the battle, Sonic accidentally tore the Chaos Emerald out of Jules-Zilla's chest, resulting in his death - an emotionally upset Sonic left the realm while a short while later Sonic-Zilla (who had the second half of the chaos-emerald embeded in his chest) would arrive and find his dead father's body, which he mourned over.

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