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Jul Mdama is an Sangheili and the Lord of Bekan Keep in the rural state of Mdama, where he lived with his wife and two children: Dural and Asum. He later became leader of the Covenant Remnant, assuming the title of the Didact's Hand.


Jul served as the Shipmaster within the Covenant Empire, though it is unknown if he fought during the Great Schism. After the war, Jul returned to his Keep in Mdama, still uneasy about the outcome of both the war with Humanity and San Shyuum (Prophets). Jul spent much of his time to debate over how Sangheilios should be ran away that the war was over, while his wife, Raia, was more concerned how the Elites would rebuild in agriculture and engineering. When Kaidon Levu Mdama decided to side with Thel 'Vadam and his quest to persue a cease-fire with humanity, Jul was torn between agreeing with Levu and assassinating Thel 'Vadam. In the end, he chose to side with Avu Med Telcam, leader of a religious sect known as the Servants of Abiding Truth which believed Thel Vadam to be a traitor and a heretic due to his actions, and his proposed resolution to the growing problems. Jul and his friend, Forze, traveled to the state of Ontom to stage a coup d'etat and plan the Arbiter's assassination alongside Telcam and his armed forces.

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