Juice (GPK)
Juice is the main antagonist of the infamously panned Garbage Pail Kids live-action movie, which is widely regarded as one of the worst movies of all time - gaining even more infamy due to the famous review of the movie done by Nostalgia Critic (who quoted it as amongst the worst movies he has ever reviewed).


Juicer is the leader of a gang of criminals who seem more content bullying and harassing the main protagonist of the film (who is much younger than Juicer and his crew) than expanding their criminal empire - Juicer is especially cruel and violent, borderline psychotic and a stereotype of the "Villainous Jerk".

Juicer and his gang continually threaten to beat up the main protagonist but are unprepared for the arrival of a batch of Garbage Pail Kids - who despite being the "heroes" of the story are arguably protagonist villains in their own right and cause havoc.

Ultimately Juicer and his gang are defeated, with Juicer suffering a humiliating beating at the hands of the much younger protagonist - showing that without his gang he was really a coward at heart and extremely weak.


  • He is similar to Scut Farkus from A Christmas Story.
    • Both are the main antagonists of family films from the 80s
    • Both are bullies who torment the main protagonist.
    • Both suffer humiliating beatings from the main protagonists.