Justice is swift.
~ The Judoon Captain
Language assimilated disengage Earth English you will be catalogued, category human!
~ The Judoon Captain

The Judoon are antagonists from the series Doctor Who. They are a race of rhinocerid humanoids frequently employed as a mercenary police force. They first appear in the Doctor Who episode "Smith and Jones".


The Judoon are very similar to robots in their personality, as they carry out their tasks without regard for the consequences of their actions. They don't fear executing individuals of inferior species without a trial.



When Martha Jones first met the Tenth Doctor, the Judoon kidnapped an entire hospital to the Moon and pursued the Doctor to arrest a criminal vampire. They succeeded and sent the hospital back to Earth, but only after being responsible for the deaths of some innocent Humans.

Later they helped the Doctor to find the planets stolen by the Daleks together with the Shadow Proclamation. However, when they declared war upon the Daleks, the Doctor decided not to support them and to fight the Daleks on his own.

Other Appearances

A single Judoon appears in an alien bar, where the Tenth Doctor says goodbye to Captain Jack Harkness before regenerating. 

During the time of the Eleventh Doctor they want to trap the Doctor in the Pandorica with the help of the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Sontarans and many other races like Hoix.

However, they later help him against Madame Kovarian by joining the Doctor's army, as well as Dorium Maldovar, "Danny Boy", Sontaran Commander Strax, the pirate Henry Avery and a Silurian named Vastra.

A Judoon was guarding the Shadow Architect when Colony Sarff entered the Shadow Proclamation.

Encounter with Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane Smith met a Judoon called Captain Tybo on Earth, after he had crash-landed there. He sentenced her assistants Clyde and Rani to disintegration, so to save themselves they had to help him preventing his prisoner from escaping.


Due to their large lungs the Judoon can survive without much oxygen in the air. Despite being two-metre high, they have rather small brains. Their blood is yellow.


  • The Sycoraxs who invaded Earth in "The Christmas Invasion" had belts made of Judoon skin.


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