Judith Kutner is the main antagonist from the 2016 crime comedy movie The Nice Guys.

She is portrayed by Kim Basinger.


Judith Kuttner is the mother of Amelia Kuttner, who is the subject of a search from protagonists Jack Healy and Holland March. She is also a high ranking official at the US Department of Justice, and she approached the boys after they dealt with Blue Face.

Judith invited Healy and March to her office, where she stated that she wanted them to find her daughter, who she says has been lashing out at her and accusing her of a conspiracy.

She is revealed to be prosecuting against the auto companies in Detroit (due to the fact that their catalytic converter has caused pollution), while also crusading against pornography, mainly because Amelia participated in an adult film.

However, Amelia reveals that Judith allowed the Detroit automakers to walk, and she is behind the sinister conspiracy to keep Amelia's film from hitting the airwaves, because it details everyone involved in the cover-up. The conspiracy has resulted in the murders of porn actress Misty Mountains (who starred in the film), Sid Shattuck (who produced the film), and an amateur filmmaker named Dean, and later Amelia herself, who was shot and killed by John Boy. Judith also sent her assistant, Tally, to deceive Healy and March with a case that was claimed to contain $100,000, but it was actually full of shredded magazines.

After the boys managed to save the film from being destroyed, they again encountered Judith, who claimed that she wanted to keep Amelia safe. Her claims were not believed by Healy and March, and in her last scenes, Judith defended and justified her crimes and actions, stating that what's good for Detroit is what's good for America as she prepares to spend her life in prison.