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Alan. The thought of coming home to you makes me sick.
~ Judith's first word on the show

Judith is the cold-blooded, cruel, vindictive ex-wife of Alan Harper on the show Two and a Half Men.

She is portrayed by Marin Hinkle.


Judith is the Ultimate Ex-Wife from Hell. She's vindictive, irrational, manipulative, cold hearted, spiteful, unfriendly and cruel with a deep hatred of her ex-husband Alan. Judith is a hopelessly miserable, unpleasable woman who refuses to acknowledge her own moral failings and blames Alan and everyone she hates for being the way she is.


Judith's activities on the show revolve around making her Alan's life as miserable as possible because of all the years she lost because of him. This includes taking his house, his money and completely destroying his self respect.

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