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Do you know who I am? They call me Judgement Boy!
~ Judgement Boy
Judgement Boy is an anthropomorphic set of scales. He moves around the hotel by a rail system connected to the ceiling, although he has been known to drop from the strangest of places where no ceiling can be seen and float in the air. He weighs the soul of whoever he encounters by presenting the person with a hypothetical situation where the person must choose between love and money (such as whether to sign a life-changing business contract or visit the person's boyfriend/girlfriend in the hospital who just got hit by a car). After hearing the person's answer he says they will consult the "Balance of Truth," spin around while shouting "Judgment!" and stops to say the word "Now!" as the bottom of one of his scales drops either the glass heart or the gold nugget he carries. After seeing what object drops, he completes the scenerio appropriately, finishing off with "It was your choice, and now you have to live with it."

There are multiple Judgement Boys, led by the Golden Judgement Boy. They reside in the Judgment Factory room of the hotel. A solo Judgment Boy resides in Room 207 in the first mainstream season, which may be a precursor to the Judgment Factory.

Judgment Boy appears in both mainstream seasons and in Last Train.


Admirable Animation 10 "The Gregory Horror Show"

Admirable Animation 10 "The Gregory Horror Show"