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Judge Mortis was one of Deathworlds four Dark  Judges  Judges. He was once a normal Judge but thanks
to the sisters Phobia and Nausia he was transformed intho the demon he is today. He symbolises Pestilance and Famine. He first came to Mega City One alongside Judge Fear, Judge Fire and Judge Death  with the intent of destroying all life, however after Death was killed they waited patiently in a massive apartment building. They manipulated a man into resurecting Judge Death's spirt before haveing it enter him and become the new body for Judge Death. However they are tracked down by the PSI Judge Anderson and they set up a massive sheild around the building so they couldnt escape. Inside Anderson and Judge Dredd battle with the Dark Judge, manageing to destroy the body of fear. They are forced to flee back to Deathworld, the two Mega City judges follow and attempt to do battle with them but are outmatched, luckily Anderson finds a emotional object of one of their many victims and uses her psychic energy to release all the spirits they had killed and then murder the surviving Dark Judges. Mortis has clashed with the forces of Mega-City One on more than a few occasions, noteanble events being Necropolis and Dark Justice.

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