Judge Elan Fauster was a villain in the 2000 AD Judge Dredd spin-off Anderson: Psi Division. He was head of Magic Department in the Psi Division and was an insane psychopath who made a pact with Demons to access immortality.


Fauster manage to make contact with some Demons when trying to find a way to be immortal. The Demons promised Fauster that if he unleashes Half-Life virus into Mega-City One, they will give him secrets to immortality. In order to accomplish it, he needed to set up an rescue operation to awaken Judge Anderson from a coma, he sent his own Judge Gistane as an unknown patsy.

Anderson was successfully rescued at the cost of half of the rescue team injured or killed. Gistane was infected with the Half-Life virus and Fauster hypnotises him, using him as an test subject on the Half-Life virus. Fauster eventually proceeds to release the Half-Life virus into Mega-City One with nanobots which then proceeds to spread rapidly and starts infecting citizens in the millions. Anderson, finding something strange about Fauster, decides to probe his mind while he meditates. While she's doing this she is attack by Lilith, a demoness while also being attacked by the zombified Gistane who was using a knife. Anderson defeats them both and Anderson manages to destroy the nanobots curing everyone who is infected but not before over a million were killed as a result of Fauster's actions. While Fauster successfully gains immortality, he was arrested and imprisoned and was being tortured in his mind by demons as punishment for his crimes, spending an eternity in terror and torture.


Fauster is generally pretentious man and is also obssessed with gaining immortality, going to any lengths to learn the secrets of immortality, even if it means making a pact with demons. He truely became an irredeemable and evil man when he unleashes the Half-Life plague across Mega-City One which resulted in the deaths of over a million people and he shows no remorse for his actions. In fact, he started moking everyone about the fact that he will still be alive even once Mega-City One is long gone.