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Citizens. I have not been a bad Chief Judge. True, I did execute several million of you - But it could have been more! And as for my alien mercenaries - Why, they're not so bad once you get used to their vicious ways! Sometimes at night voices speak to me, citizens - Voices of all the old Chief Judges who have gone to that great squad room in the sky... They say to me: "Cal, Cal, you're too lenient with them! You must be tougher!" But always my heart has cried "mercy". But enough is enough! By mourning that traitor Dredd you have insulted me - And by grud you're going to pay for it! From this moment on, laughter is banned! Smiling is banned! Conversation is banned! HAPPINESS IS ILLEGAL! Already, fires are burning in every street. Bring out your valuables, bring out your dearest possessions - and destroy them! Any citizen found hiding any item likely to cause any happiness - WILL BE SHOT! (...) I will not calm down! Get away from me, you fool! The good times are over, you scum! Dredd is dead! I am your Chief Judge! I demand your respect - I demand your love... AND I'LL GET IT EVEN IF IT MEANS KILLING YOU!
~ Judge Cal banning happiness
Citizens! Todays rebellion was unforgivable. I am Chief Judge now and I will not be defied. Therefore, to teach you a lesson, I have decided to sentence the whole city to death. The executions will begin tomorrow in sector 1, starting with Mr. Aaron A. Aardvark and finishing with Mr. Zachary Zziiz. Then on to sector 2 and so on. Now, I want things carried out in an orderly manner. Report to your execution stations, in good time. No barging or Rowdiness in the queues. And bring a book in case there is a delay. That is all.
~ Judge Cal sentencing Mega-City One to death after the rebellion
Do not fear! Cal the mighty is with you! I have only to speak and mountains tremble! I have only to command and our fall will stop! Observe, mortals! Observe my powers - Stop!
~ Cal's last words
Judge Cal was a major villain in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. He was the main antagonist in the storyline "The Day the Law Died!" and his alternate counterpart was the main antagonist in "Helter Skelter". He was loosely based on the Roman emperor Caligula as portrayed by John Hurt in the 1976 television show I, Claudius.



Judge Cal was the head of the feared Special Judicial Squad whose job is to investigate and eliminate corruption in the Justice Department and Judging the Judges. Unfortunately for Mega-City One though, Cal was corrupt himself and was very ambitious and power-hungry. He used his position and the files he has on other Judges to blackmail them into working for him in preparation for his eventual takeover of Mega-City One. He almost became Chief Judge in 2099 when Chief Judge Goodman was possessed by a mutant. Cal did manage to become Deputy Chief Judge by 2100 and he began his preparation to take over the city.
First Cal

Cal during Judge Dredd's trial

The Frame-Up

250px-Judge Goodman

Then thank drokk you're not Chief Judge. Let's get on with it...

After Dredd's long journey to deliver a vaccine to Mega-City Two in "The Cursed Earth" storyline, he returned to Mega-City One where there was a parade in his honour and he returned to his apartment where he then fell asleep. At the Mega-Times office, the Dredd duplicate stormed into an editing room where he complains about not being on the headlines of the news article. He then starts to slaughter everyone in the room but not before a photographer managed to take a picture of the incident. An hour later, a squad of the SJS stormed into Dredd's apartment and arrested him for the massacre. Dredd was then tried by the Council of Five in the Justice Department where Cal complains that he would send him to Titan without trial, with Goodman remarking "Then thank drokk your not Chief Judge". After interviewing the witnesses and looking at the recording, the Council start to vote on whether Dredd's guilty and all of them unanimously (Goodman reluctantly) found him guilty and he was sentenced to twenty years of labour on the Titan penal colony. In the next morning, at the Kennedy Spaceport, a crowed insulted and raged at Dredd while he is being escorted to the space shuttle and he watched as the shuttle flew away from Earth.

Dredd's Escape

Dredd has now got a negative publicity in Mega-City One with the citizenry hoping he rots on Titan. While Dredd was heading towards Titan, he was wondering whether he really did commit murder without knowing but he then decided that he was framed and he manages to rip his handcuffs in half and knocked a guard watching him out. He then takes control of the shuttle and crashes at the Kennedy Spaceport where he then hijacks a taxi. At the Justice Department, Cal orders all Judges to search for Dredd with one of the Judges asking if the Chief Judge said it was okay, Chief Judge Goodman confirmed it and then Cal berates the Judge for questioning his authority. There was a massive man-hunt for Dredd all over Mega-City One but they were unable to find him. Judge Quincy informed Cal about the lack of progress and Cal starts berating him, yelling "Am I surrounded by Fools?". Cal then starts painting his statue and gloats about how everyone are fools and he is the only one whose got brains. He then reveals the Dredd duplicate hidden in his cupboard.

The Robot Dredd


Judge Dredd and his informant, Max Normal

Chief Judge Goodman tells Cal that he's going to his quarters to rest and to let him know of the search for Dredd. Cal was happy that Dredd's guilt has hit him hard and thought how Goodman's weak and old and he's not fit to be Chief Judge. He thought how the Chief Judge's chair suits him well and it'll be his once he get's Dredd head. Meanwhile at an Dark City Underpass Dredd grabs his informant Max Normal and Dredd explains how he's been framed and he thinks that the duplicate that killed the newsman was a robot. Max then tells Dredd that a robot engineer named Chick Parker who worked at the Moderna Robots and that he's been in massive debt until last week his debt's been completely paid off. Dredd then heads to the factory and goes into Parker's office where he finds him dead and the Robot Dredd then reveals itself and reveals how it has every bit of information of Dredd from the Justice Department and it's just as skilled as Dredd is. Dredd tries to shoot the Robot but it catches the bullet and Dredd then thinks of something he would never do and drops his gun and pretend to surrender. The Robot stated that it was disappointed but Dredd manages to kick the Robot, stunning it long enough for Dredd to run out of the office and into the factory itself where the robots were working nightshift. Dredd tries to look for his own ground to fight but the Robot storms through the door and gloats how it's the best but Dredd, using the distraction activates the Scrap Magnet and the Robots get sucked onto the magnet and was then thrown into the furnace, destroying most of it. Dredd managed to salvage the remains of it's head to use as proof of his innocence and heads back to the Justice Department. At the Justice Department Dredd managed to prove that he was innocent and the charges against were dropped, much to Goodman's joy. Dredd then says that it's not over and the traitor in the Justice Department is still among them with Cal looking annoyed about failing to get him sent to Titan.

The Robot Dredd

The Assassination of Chief Judge Goodman

At 9.A.M. Goodman was signing autographs to a group of children until a gang of masked men surrounded Goodman and they repeatedly stabbed him, leaving him mortally wounded. Dredd arrived at the scene as soon as the news reached him and finds a group of the SJS men in the crime scene, with Judge Quincy telling Dredd that he's not needed there. Dredd thought it was suspicious since they're supposed to be investigating other Judges and Dredd forces them to let him in. He then encounters the dying Goodman and he tells Dredd that it's up to him and he fears for Mega-City One. He then secretly hands Dredd something and then dies. Judge Quincy then makes Dredd leave the crime scene and he heads back to his apartment. He learns that Deputy Chief Judge Cal has immediately become the new Chief Judge of Mega-City One. He then takes a look at the item Goodman secretly gave him and discovers that it is a button from the SJS uniform and realises that Cal was the one responsible and tried to get to the Justice Department as fast as possible but Judge Quincy managed to shoot Dredd on the head with a sniper, incapacitating him but with Quincy thinking he's been killed. An ambulance managed to arrive within minutes and take Dredd to the hospital. At the Justice Department Cal has changed his hairstyle and also wears the robe Chief Judges wear. Quincy then arrives and informs Cal that he managed to shoot Dredd in the head. Cal was thrilled and then notices a button missing from his uniform, Quincy apologises and says that he'll get it replaced but Cal doesn't think it's good enough and forces him to perform his duties in his underwear. He then announces at how things are going to change in Mega-City One and that he is the law.

The New Chief Judge

After Cal becomes the new Chief Judge of Mega-City One, Cal has reintroduced the death penalty in M
250px-Judge Cal

Cal taking over Mega-City One

ega-City One which includes criticizing Cal. A news reporter was then arrested for calling Cal's new laws outrageous and then an Judge then tells all of the viewers that they are under arrest for watching illegal broadcasts. Later in the day Cal made a speech to the public that the law has grown too soft and crimes are rampant on the streets of Mega-City One and then gloats how since he's the Chief Judge he'll change that and anyone who apposes him will be dealt with. He then announces a curfew in order to encourage obedience and anyone scene in the streets after 1800 hours they will be immediately shot. The Judges then force the crowd to cheer for Judge Cal by holding them in gunpoint. In the hospital, the robots managed to remove the bullet from Dredd's head and they managed to regenerate his damaged brain tissue. He then wakes up but some Judges burst into the operation room and forcefully take Dredd out of the hospital. At the Great Hall of Justice, some Judges think that Cal's gone crazy and then Cal asks what is wrong with his choice for the new Deputy Chief Judge and several Judges say he hasn't had any proper training and that they feel he lacks mobility. Cal then says that it may be so but he's the only one that's been truly loyal and trustworthy to him and then tells the Judges that he will not have his decisions questioned. He then forces the Judges to salut

Cal announcing Judge Fish as the new Deputy Chief Judge

e to Deputy Chief Judge Fish. Dredd now knows that Cal's mad but he's wondering why the other Judges don't turn on Cal. Cal then knows that Dredd survived the assassins bullet but Dredd snapped back that it was Cal's bullet just like when he gave the order for the murder of Goodman. Cal then thanked Dredd for giving him an excuse to execute him and then makes Deputy Chief Judge Fish deliver the final verdict and then gets ready to execute Dredd but Judge Giant manages to stop Cal by saying he's making a big mistake which angers Cal. Giant managed to convince Cal that he didn't want blood to go all over Cal's new suit and then requests permission to execute Dredd himself. The pleased Cal lets him execute Dredd as reward for his loyalty and that he'll keep his eye on him for his promotion.

Judge Giant's Rescue

Giant then went with two other Judges to execute Dredd but Giant then manages to knock out the two Judges and then they try to escape from the Justice Department. They get into the emergency escape tubes with Judge Cody waiting for them down there and they managed to blast their way out of the building and escape into the motorway with Dredd about to pass out again. Judge Slocum condemns the two Judges that were with Dredd and Giant for letting them escape and they beg Slocum to help them since Cal's insane and he'll execute them. Slocum says he'll do what he can and then reminds not to call him insane, he's just a bit strange. Slocum then reported to Cal about their escape and was outraged and wanted them executed. The two Judges then presented themselves wearing silly clothing and Cal asks Slocum what's going on. Slocum then tells Cal that Deputy Chief Judge Fish was the one that ordered it which convinces Cal and then orders every Judge to look for Dredd. There was a message sent to every TV channel informing the citizens to be on the lookout for Dredd and the reward for finding him is 1 million credits. In a hidden place in Mega-City One Dredd wakes up to see veteran Judges who are against Cal's reign including Judge Schmaltz and the Principle of the Academy of Law Judge Griffin. Giant then asks Dredd what he thinks and Dredd replies that even though a lot of them are injured from their time as street Judges but it's all they got and they'll win.

The Rebellion

Chief Judge Cal confronts the Mayor of Mega-City One named Grubb and says that he's been informed that the Mayor has been speaking against him. Cal then announces to him that he's being removed from office but the Mayor insists that he hasn't broken any of his insane laws. Cal then remarked that he's not the one that's insane but the Mayor is and that he's even told that sometimes he acts as though he was a chicken. Mayor Grubb then insists that he doesn't do it but Cal forces him at gunpoint to cluck and he begins to repeatedly cluck with Cal remarking "Incredibly mad, poor fellow. Find him a nice padded cell somewhere and let him know if he lay's any eggs". The Mayor while being taken away shouts that Cal's time is coming and the people will rebel against him. At the moment outside of the Justice Department, there was an angry crowd demanding Cal out and Dredd becoming the new Chief Judge. The angered Cal orders the Judges to dispose of them and they fire gas bombs into the crowd. The Judges then charged towards the crowd and the crowd dispersed with numerous people being killed or being arrested. The angered Cal then yells that he'll make them pay for going against him and announced live on TV announces that he passed a new law in Mega-City One has been passed that will maintain public order. He then lets Deputy Chief Judge Fish announce it and then Cal himself announces that the sentence for disobedience will be death. At a secret place in Mega-City One, Dredd tells the rebel Judges to try to only wound the Judges serving Cal but if they have to don't hesitate to kill them and that the city depends on them. The rebels then head to Broadcast Control and they manage to take out the Judges guarding the building and the rebels then charge into the building. He orders Giant and his squad to hold the door while Dredd and the tutors will charge into the building. If they make a broadcast city-wide they'll have the entire city going against Cal. There was intense fighting in the hallway but they managed to take the control room and started a city-wide broadcast with Dredd telling the people that Cal is insane and that he challenges Cal's rule and encourages everyone to arm themselves and join the fight. There was then a brutal riot all over Mega-City One with the citizens attacking every Judge they see. At the Justice Department, Chief Judge Cal was having a bath until a couple were brought in to beg Cal to reduce their ten year sentence for littering. Cal complies and sentences them to death with him exclaiming "You can't get much shorter than that, can you?" and then yells that it's a joke and why nobody is laughing. The couple try to force themselves into laughing and an annoyed Cal orders the Judges to take them to there sentence. A Judge then ran in and told Cal that there was a massive riot and the entire city are revolting. The enraged Cal orders every Judge to deal with the rioters and announces that the entire city is sentenced to death. During the riots, the citizenry outnumbered Cal's Judges by the thousands and they were overwhelming the Judges. Dredd orders the armoury to be opened up so the citizens can get armed with weapons and Judge Giant blasted the armoury door opened. The rebel Judges then charge into the building with Judges loyal to Cal being decimated and the Dredd orders the weapons to be handed out to the people of Mega-City One to rise up against Cal.

The Arrival of the Kleggs

During the brutal revolution Mega-City One is in ruins from all of the chaos. Dredd was leading the revolution against Cal and his loyal Judges and Cal's Judges are being overpowered. Dredd rallies the citizens and then Dredd, the rebel Judg

Kleggs arriving

es and an army of citizenry have managed to surround the Hall of the Justice and Dredd tells Cal the he's under arrest and to surrender quietly. Cal tells an SJS Judge to tell Dredd that he'll have his answer in five minutes. After five minutes Dredd orders everyone to begin preparation to charge into the building until they notice that the sun is disappearing and then suddenly an army of Kleggs rained down and swarmed the citizens with numerous lives being lost and forcing the rebel Judges to retreat after Judge Pepper was killed. Cal managed to end the rebellion and revealed that the Kleggs have been waiting in the Earth's atmosphere in case of such an event happening. Cal then praised the Kleggs for their work and Kleggs demand there payment (which is meat) and Cal complies. He tells Slocum that he is considering giving the citizens to the Kleggs as meat but Slocum tells Cal that they might like it too much and they'll turn on Cal. Cal then agrees and says it would be a shame to waste this city. In the rebels secret hideout, The Rebel Judges were dismayed about the disaster with the Kleggs until a vid-screen lighted up and Cal announced to the entire city that in retaliation for their attempted rebellion against him the entire city is now sentenced to death. The population will be alphabetical order starting with Aaron A. Aardvark and ending with Zachary Zziiz. Giant remarked that he didn't know Cal's that crazy and Dredd asks what they are going to do about it.

The Death of Deputy Chief Judge Fish

While Chief Judge Cal's sentence began, he made a speech saying how people are "unhappy" about their execution and says that the population are not allowed to complain since they rebelled against him and death is their just reward. He then gloats how never before has an entire city been sentenced to death and that they feel lucky to be of a "great day". He then calls for Aaron A. Aardvark to step forward and remarks that it's a weird name. Aaron then replies that his name used to be Eric Plunket and he changed his name to be the first in the vid-phone book. Cal then tells him that he has the honour of being the first person to be executed and Aaron starts begging Cal that he doesn't want to die. Cal strikes him on the face and calls him a "ungrateful wretch" and makes the Judges take him away. The mass-executions have began and the cheerful Cal (while hugging Judge Cox) takes pleasure in the being the most evil tyrant, "A tyrant's tyrant". Nearby, the rebels led by Dredd manage to abduct Judge Slocum and they tell him that he's going to stop Cal's mass-execution. He complains that he doesn't know what to do and Dredd yells to just do what he says. Minutes later he was thrown out of the car to carry out his orders. An hour later Judge Slocum reported to Cal that Deputy Chief Judge Fish is dead much to Cal's dismay. Slocum then manages to trick Cal by saying that the fish died at exactly 9 A.M. so that means if the people of Mega-City One get executed, so do the Judges. Cal believes him and orders the mass-execution to end and starts preparation of Judge Fish's funeral, much to Slocum's relief. After a city-wide broadcast announcing the funeral and in the afternoon, Cal begins the funeral and while riding he notices that no one attended the funeral. The enraged Cal then uses hi-ex on his lawgiver to blow up a building while shouting that they are all ungrateful for him "sparing" them and then says that he's glad he spared them all so he can make them suffer.

The Great Wall of Mega-City One

Chief Judge Cal's first act was to make Grampus , leader of the Klegg mercenaries hired by Cal, a Deputy Chief Judge of Mega-City One and started making new laws, including:

  • No talking
  • No running
  • No stopping
  • Pay fresh air tax

In schools the children were forced to report their parents if they said anything against Cal and the population, unable to stand the torture anymore, escaped into the Cursed Earth by the millions. Judge Slocum reports this to Cal and suggests to just let them escape into the Cursed Earth but Cal, refusing to rule an empty city, orders Deputy Chief Judge Grampus to stop them by any means necessary. Cal's forces then sprang into action and forcibly made the citizens to go back into Mega-City One, with numerous people being killed due to resisting and by late afternoon, they were all driven back into Mega-City One. Cal then orders a wall to be built a mile high with searchlights and gun emplacements in three weeks, Slocum asks where they're going to get the workforces and Cal snaps that the millions of people in Mega-City One are the workforces available. The wall then starts being constructed quickly using people from prisons and if their numbers drop the Judges will make fresh arrests and they also use robots to aid in the construction. Dredd and the rebel Judges attempted to sabotage Cal's work by blowing a section of the wall but it was hopeless since the wall was quickly repaired and in three weeks time the wall has finished construction. Cal then refers to Mega-City One as one huge prison and the citizens have no way to escape from Cal's grip. A few did attempt to go over the wall but they were easily shot down by the guns emplaced onto the wall. The people still opposed Cal with "Dreddists" underground movement increasing with Cal's posters being defecated. Cal was annoyed and wondered why they still opposed him, Deputy Chief Judge Grampus then suggests that they eliminate the one thing that's giving people hope: Judge Dredd. Cal replies that he's too clever for them but Grampus then shows Cal the Hounds of Klegg, which are vicious dog-like creatures that hunt by taste.

The Hounds of Kleggs

Chief Judge Cal orders Deputy Chief Judge Grampus to unleash the Hounds onto Dredd and after Grampus lets the Hounds taste a uniform from Dredd's locker, the Hounds immediately start charging to Dredd, much to Cal's admiration. They eventually find the last location Dredd stopped his bike and the Hounds immediately hunt for the rubber from Dredd's bike tyres which impresses Cal, who considers making the Hounds Judges. At Dredd and the rebel Judges secret underground base, which is an abandoned Underground Garbage, Judge Peace died of his wounds after being shot by a Klegg on a raid. Judge Giant angrily says that fighting against both the Judges and the Kleggs are hopeless. Dredd decides that since Cal is the cancer at the heart of Mega-City One, they must kill him even if the mission is suicidal. Judge Smith then informs the rebels that an army of Judges, Kleggs and Bloodhounds are arriving at their location and the army attacking them manage to blast their doors open and the Hounds are unleashed onto the rebels. The Hounds start to swarm the rebels and one of the hounds manages to bite it's fangs deep into Dredd's arm but thankfully the Hound has bitten the arm Dredd was holding his gun with and manages to blast the hound from the inside. The Hounds were all killed but the Kleggs are still waiting and they start their dance of death. Cal was observing the attack and was admiring how murderous they are and he asks Slocum that perhaps that he should've been born as a Klegg. Slocum replied that he's too good-looking which impresses Cal. Dredd and the rebel Judges are getting overwhelmed by the Kleggs and Dredd orders them all to retreat into the Sub-garage. Judge Jonas starts to mentally crack with him thinking that they're done for but Dredd knocks him out and orders Giant to carry him and then Judge Fernandez gets badly wounded and he tells Dredd to retreat with the others while he holds them off and he was then killed by Kleggs. Dredd and the others have managed to retreat inside a hover car much to Cal's anger and he then uses his own personal ship, Justice 1 and they managed to quickly find the hover car the rebels are using and he orders the gunner to move so he can shoot them himself and after the rebels turned around Cal fires onto the road which makes the rebels hover car plunges down towards death.

No Laws

The rebels hover car then plunges through a road into a river called the Big Smelly (the river got so polluted that it started to badly stink so it was concreted over.) and Cal then complains what the smell is and Slocum tells him that it's the river and Cal then thinks that it's a fitting end for "that stinking Dredd". Cal then tells his men that he feels inspired to make a poem to mark this occasion called "Ode said to a dead Dredd" and the poem goes as:

Oh, Dredd! Woe Dredd! Nowhere Left to Go, Dredd! All Alone and So Dead! In the Big Smelly! All Mouth and No Head, You Put on Quite an Act Dredd...Uh...Uh...Now You Got B.O., Dredd, In the Big Smelly!
The Judges then pretend to cheer and applaud at Cal's poem and then Cal announces that there will be a massive celebration all over Mega-City One dedicated to him killing Dredd. Soon after, their was a city-wide broadcast announcing that there will be no law for 24 hours and citizens are free to do what they wish without fear of punishment. Unfortunately for Cal, the people are not in the mood to celebrate and the streets are completely deserted with all the windows covered by blinds and banners honouring Dredd. As each hour passed, Cal became more and more angrier about the streets being deserted and Judge Cox (reluctantly) informs Cal that the latest reports show that crime is down which infuriates him and he shouts into the city, demanding that they respect and love him. Judge Cox tells Cal that maybe they're just shy and that only a fool wouldn't love him. Cal then asks Cox if he really loves him and Cox says that he would die for him and Cal then tells him that it's a generous offer and tells to shoot himself with Cal giving his own gun.

No Happiness Law

Chief Judge Cal makes a broadcast to the people of Mega-City One saying that he wasn't a bad Chief Judge even though he was responsible for millions of deaths but "it could have been more" and the Kleggs are not so bad once you get used to their vicious ways. He then says how he sometimes at night hears voices in his head with the old Chief Judges telling him that he's too soft and lenient but Cal claims that his heart always cried mercy. He then snapped and tells the citizens that in retaliation for mourning Dredd, all forms of happiness is banned, including:

  • Laughter
  • Smiling
  • Conversation

He then says that they will destroy all the possessions that make them happy and if anyone was hiding a possession that makes them happy, they will be shot. Judge Slocum tries to calm Cal but he pushes him away and tells the population that he will get their respect and love even if it means killing them. Meanwhile, after the hover car Dredd and the rebel Judges were riding on crashed into the Big Smelly river and they try to open the car door but it was sealed shut so they have to wait until someone opens from the other side. Unfortunately for them, the mutated underground dwellers plan to loot the vehicle and kill everyone in the vehicle and they throw they're grappling hooks onto the vehicle getting ready to attack. They were then scared off by Fergee, an another underground dweller who had limited intelligence but also had superhuman strength and when he opens the vehicles, Dredd kicks him and holds him at gunpoint and orders him to surrender. Fergee refuses and Giant tells Dredd should shoot him but Dredd refuses since it means they will fall to Cal's level so he'll have to take Fergee down with his fists.


At the Grand Hall of Justice, Chief Judge Cal was holding auditioning actors to play as Judge Dredd in a TV Spectacular which will show his "fearless struggle to restore law and order to this city". He eventually picks a midget and has the other actors executed. He then brings in a Vid-Pic star named Conrad Conn and Cal tells him that he'll "have the privilege to play the greatest ever written - the part of me". Conn tells Cal he doesn't do pictures anymore so Cal then threatens to decapitate him so he desperately accepts and Cal forces him to be on his knees for a few minutes and then announces filming will start immediately. Meanwhile, at the Underworld, Dredd has started to fight Fergee and Fergee strikes him in the face with a bat, then Dredd avoids another attack and punches him in the stomach and the face which makes Fergee fall into the Big Smelly river. Fergee then merges from the river and starts laughing, saying no one ever made him fall into the Big Smelly before and tells Dredd that he likes him and shakes


hands with Dredd. Judge Schmaltz then died after suffering a fatal wound from the crash in the hover car and then the rebel Judges place his body into the cab of the road liner and set it alight while it's floating on the river and Dredd and the Judges pay their respects to him. Judge Griffin then tells Dredd there are only five of them left and asks what they should do and Dredd says they need to secure a new base and make plans to strike back at Cal's tyranny. Fergee then offers the rebels to stay at his place and Griffin asks Dredd if he can be trusted and Dredd says that they have to since they need every friend they can get. Fergee then takes the rebels to his place, walking past the dwellers who are terrified of Fergee and they eventually arrive at his place, with Dredd thinking even though it's a disgusting hole, at least it's safe from Cal's men. Fergee then says how he used to live in Mega-City One but eventually moved to the underworld after doing "bad things" and became the "king" of the Big Smelly due to all of the inhabitants being terrified of him. Fergee then prepares them dinner and while they're eating it, they ask what meat it is and it's revealed to be rats living in the sewers which makes the Judges feel sick. They then start to discuss a way to take down Cal and Griffin says there's no way five of them can take on Cal's entire army and Dredd then brings up a point as to why the Judges are obeying the orders of Cal even though they are meant to be enforcing the law and thinks they may somehow have been hypnotised. Judge Giant then says that he believes that since as head of the SJS, Cal is responsible for preparing the programming for the Daily Crime Briefing so Cal made subliminal commands into the machine along the lines of "You will obey Cal" and Dredd and the rebel Judges were unaffected due to the fact that the Tutors don't attend daily briefings, Dredd was on a mission to the Cursed Earth and Giant was on a month's leave. They then plan to break into the Justice H.Q. and use the same thing Cal done to the Judges with the help of Fergee (who was trying to catch flies with a net which unsurprisingly failed), Griffin asks what use he is and Dredd says that he knows the way out of there and he'll be the only one to be unrecognised by Cal's Judges and the Kleggs. Soon after, Dredd (who's going alone with Fergee so that if he dies, the other rebels can carry on the fight) and Fergee then managed to get into the streets of Mega-City One and are caught by a Patrol-Wagon.


Fergee wants to bash them with his bat, but Dredd makes him retreat and they go around another street corner but it's walled off. Fergee attempted to bash the wall down with his head but failed and Dredd then pretends to be a Judge trying to catch Fergee (while covering his name on his badge to avoid being shot at) and when Dredd and Fergee reaches the wagon, Dredd punches a Judge and then he manages to take down all of the Judges himself much to Fergee's annoyance so Dredd names Fergee an honorary Judge in recognition for his part in the fight against Cal much to his delight. Dredd and Fergee then uses the captured vehicle to go to the one place where Dredd can get help in his fight against Cal: His apartment. Dredd then shows Fergee his robo-servant, Walter (who has a speech impediment which causes him say W's instead of R's) which Fergee questions as to why they need a stinking old robot and Dredd says he may not be much use in the best of times but they need him now. Fergee and Dredd then notices Kleggs inside Dredd's apartment, who been billeted there and Walter's being forced to work for them but after a Klegg attempts to burn Dredd's law books, Walter gets furious and tries to stop him but the Kleggs then pin him down and give him two choices, say "Dredd eat slime" or they will rip out his circuits. Walter refuses to give in so they start to rip out his circuits until Dredd and Fergee smash through the window into the apartment and take out all of the Kleggs. Dredd manages to repair Walter and after noticing there were flies in the room, he sprays them which makes Fergee mad and he attempts to strike Walter but Dredd stops them from fighting and Dredd tells him to do one thing: betray him. Walter was horrified until Dredd explains what to do and Walter then calls them on Vid-Phone and tells them that Dredd was in his apartment shooting guns and making hell much to the surprise of the Judges since they thought Dredd died in the crash but one of them points out the body's never found so they proceed to the apartment. Dredd then tells Walter what he instructed to do and that hopefully, Cal will fall for it. Dredd and Fergee then leave the apartment and after Dredd lets the Judges get a good look at him in his captured Patrol-Wagon, Dredd manages to take them out and he and Fergee jump out of the vehicle and it rolls down into the Judges behind them, taking them out. Dredd and Fergee then manage to get back into the sewers. At the Hall of Justice, after Cal sentences a man to death, he begs that his hands can still be useful and Cal, after saying that fortune smiles upon him, orders the hands to be cut off then the body disposed. Judge Slocum then informs Cal that Dredd's alive which infuriates him and knowing that the last hope for the citizens is back, begs the "dead Chief Judges" to show him a sign what to do and then a Judge brings in Walter and Cal, knowing he's Dredd's robot, tells the Judges to get his axe to vent his anger out on Walter and then orders him to kneel.

Worry Winkles

Before Cal manages to bash Walter with his axe, Walter says to just smash him as long as he doesn't go back to that "cweep" Dredd which gets Cal's attention. He then says how he's a "wotten, ungwateful wascal" who made a mess in his apartment after killing the Kleggs and then instead of saying "Nice to see you, Walter" or "Thank you for keeping my woom clean, Walter" he said "Get up off your knees you snivelling wobot!". He then says how he tried to be a good robot to Dredd but he's done nothing but treat him like trash and that he hates Dredd. Impressed, Cal decides not to kill him and figures that he can use him to destroy Dredd's name forever and then makes Judge Slocum get the badgemaker. He makes Walter the first robot Judge in Mega-City One but Slocum makes a big mistake of objecting to his plan by saying "You're crazy, Chief Judge! The whole city knows that robot is sickeningly loyal to Dredd" and Cal, after saying that that's the point since if Dredd's own robot criticises him, the people will have to believe it and then tells him that calling him "crazy" results in an immediate death penalty and the panicked Slocum begs him for forgiveness and says that he's just worried about him. Cal then says how he sees the worry lines all over his face and how they can't have that and Slocum replies that he only asks to serve him. Cal then says that they cannot have

Judge Slocum being pickled alived

anymore worry wrinkles and then he says he'll considering how to get rid of it. Then over the next three days, by the orders of Cal, Walter was given maximum exposure on television to destroy Dredd's reputation and it's starting to work, since the people are beginning to doubt Dredd and then later, knowing his real mission, Walter sneaks into an unauthorised personal room in the Justice Department in an attempt to reverse the hypnotising Cal done to the Judges but unfortunately he was immediately caught by Slocum, and then takes him to Cal's quarters, intending to use his capture as a way to get back into Cal's good graces and to get rid of Walter. They arrived at his quarters, and Cal, saying he was going to send for him, tells him to roll up his sleeve so the doctor can give him an injection for his worry winkles. He reluctantly complies and after injection tries to tell Cal what happened but Cal reveals that it's not a cure but a simple paralysing agent and Slocum slowly loses control over his body and speech until he's completely unable to move but is still conscious and aware of his surroundings. Cal then forces a smile onto his face and then later makes his Kleggs lower him into a large specimen bottle and Slocum then realises that it's vinegar and that Cal's going to pickle him alive. Cal then says to him that it's the best answer for his problems since he'll be young, smiling and fresh forever and that it's the only cure for worry winkles and people who call him crazy. He then adds him to his collection of people who were pickled alive much to Walter's horror and then hands back a tape Slocum dropped to Walter and tells Walter to put it back on his way out.


On the hundredth day of Cal's reign, Chief Judge Cal tells Deputy Chief Judge Grampus how he managed to make
2702367-judge cal wall

Chief Judge Cal, Deputy Chief Judge Grampus and the wall around Mega-City One

everyone obedient through fear and that it's the perfect system. Despite they're being several positive results from his rule, including:
  • No strikes and industrial disputes
  • The first time in 170 years the city's trains arrived on time
  • The average time of a first class letter has dropped from 21 days to 4 hours.

The negatives massively outweigh the positives, including:

  • Having a massive wall surrounding Mega-City One
  • Millions of people condemned to labour blocks and forced to spend their last days maintaining the wall
  • The evening curfew where if anyone is seen in the streets at night, they will be immediately shot.
  • Spy cameras and strip searching has become common
  • Hopeless and defeated look on people's faces

Right before another night's curfew, a letter for Fergee was posted and after grabbing it and heading back into the sewers, he hands it to Dredd who then takes out the crime tape Walter took and then played it on a antiquated console that Giant found in the underworld. While in normal speed it was just reporting normal crimes when it's slowed down it said "Obey Cal" which proves that Cal did use it to brainwash the Judges into working for him and Dredd gives Judge Pepper seven days to create another tape that will reverse the effects and bring the Judges back to normal. At the Justice Department, as the days passed Cal was going more and more insane as his hallucinations become more frequent and violent with him hallucinating dead Chief Judges telling him to go down with the city. By one morning however, Cal's mood has brightened and tells Walter that he made a decision about the future of Mega-City One and will speak to the populace tonight. At the evening, he made a broadcast to the population saying:

As you know, citizens, my government of this city has reached perfection. I am told the only way to go is down... But I do not agree! We can go out, citizens! We can end our lives in a glorious moment of sacrifice - and preserve our perfect city forever in it's perfect hour! To this end, nerve gas containers have been placed in every district. At noon tomorrow I will personally press the button to release it! The beauty of this method is that it will leave buildings and records intact, so that others who come here in the future may understand our sacrifice in the name of perfection!
After Dredd and the rebel Judges watched the broadcast, Dredd says that the plans have to change but after being told Judge Pepper won't be finished until Tuesday, Dredd says he'll have to finish it tonight since there's not going to be a Tuesday. Dredd and the rebel Judges then at night head to the Grand Hall of Justice while avoiding the patrols and arrive at the building.

The Downfall of Chief Judge Cal

After sneaking through a secret escape route for the Justice building (with Walter controlling the doors) Dredd and the rebels were then caught by a pair of Judges but they were knocked out and their bodies were taken with them to avoid attention. They managed to arrive at the Crime Briefing Room and Dredd and the rebels storm into the room and Dredd tells them to surrender. After the Judges attempted to shoot Dredd and the two of them was killed the rest of them surrendered. Then when the Judges reported to their briefing the rebels added the tapes that will reverse Cal's brainwashing. It worked and the Judges were brought back to normal and Dredd then tells them that they need every Judge to fight against Cal and his Klegg mercenaries and to go about there duties as normal until the Space-Raid Siren strike which will be the signal to attack. After all the Judges sector by sector were brought back to normal, Dredd and his entire Judge army proceed to attack Cal and the SJS at the Statue of Judgement. At the Statue of Judgement, a couple are begging Cal that they don't want to die with Cal saying not to worry and that it's only natural. Grampus then tells Cal that they need to leave since they got a new contract on Tron planet to eliminate sub-species with Cal wishing them farewell. The Space-Raid Siren then started and the Judges led by Dredd attack with the Grampus and the Kleggs attempting to surrender but they were showed no mercy and were massacred. Cal then retreated back into the Statue of Judgement and Judge-Tutor Kelso was killed trying to slide under the closing door. A fierce battle was still going on between the Judges and the Kleggs and after trying to blast the door down with bike cannons, a Judge managed to crash a truck through the door and Dredd and the Judge army then go inside to stop Cal from wiping out the city. Judge Cal, who was on top of the Statue of Judgement with two of his SJS bodyguards, was gleefully announcing the supreme sacrifice is coming and the SJS bodyguards, hearing Dredd coming up the stairs, think of killing Cal to get a pardon and be treated as heroes. Cal then tells them to join him in a drink with his bottle of ICI'89 which is a rare vintage. The SJS bodyguards are about to assassinate Cal until they start dying painfully of the poison Cal put in there drinks since he knew that they would betray him and then announces that Mega-City One's future cannot be changed. Fergee charged into the room but was shot by Cal and then Dredd stormed in and managed to shoot the gun out of his hand and Cal orders the Judges with Dredd to seize them and the Judges, having an urge to obey Cal's command do it and Dredd says that Cal's presence makes the hypnosis too strong for the Judges to resist. Cal then tells Dredd that his efforts are wasted and was about to activate the nerve gas all over Mega-City One until Fergee grabs his arm and then puts him on a headlock and the Judges try to grab Fergee to get him off Cal but Fergee managed to jump down with Cal and they all fell to their deaths, with Cal's last words him attempting to control gravity. Dredd then says that Fergee will be honoured for his sacrifice that saved Mega-City One from it's destruction.


After Cal's tyranny, the Kleggs were being pulled out of hiding and killed and the few that tried to escape in the spaceships were themselves killed. Memorials all across Mega-City One were built, including one for Fergee under Dredd's orders and it took many months for the city to be rebuilt.

For his leadership of the resistance movement Dredd was acclaimed as a hero and was offered the office of chief judge, but he declined, preferring to return to his chosen career in law enforcement. Instead he nominated his former mentor and tutor, Judge Griffin, who had fought with him against Cal from the beginning. Chief Judge Griffin never forgot the debt he owed Dredd and personally intervened on his behalf in a future crisis when the future of Dredd's own career was in the balance. To prevent a new Chief Judge Cal, Griffin set up Black Ops Division to keep an eye on Justice Department itself. Fear of another corrupt leader caused Dredd to abandon the"Judge Child" Owen Krysler on the planet Xanadu, rather than take the chance that he could be redeemed.


Although dead, Cal continued to harass Mega-City One from beyond the grave. Over twenty years after his demise, a disc with his computer files on it—long thought lost—resurfaced, containing the evidence Cal had used to subvert and blackmail corrupt judges when he was head of SJS. Several of these judges had risen to very senior positions in the Justice Department over the years, believing their dark secrets to be safe. By this time the SJS had been cleaned up and a wave of arrests followed, resulting in significant political fallout.

It is also ironic that the very wall that Cal built to effectively imprison the population of Mega City One helped in the city's defence on a number of occasions, including attacks from Sabbat's zombies . However its most prominent role was when the wall's weaponry functioned as an anti-missile defence system against Sov-block missiles during the Apocalypse War.


Judge Cal takes himself too seriously sometimes.
~ Chief Judge Goodman on Cal
Judge killing Judge - The idea is too sickening to think of. Yet Judge Cal has always been power-hungry.
~ Judge Dredd after finding out Cal gave the order to kill Chief Judge Goodman.

Judge Cal first started off as a very power-hungry and very ambitious man who wanted to take over Mega-City One, no matter the cost. Cal takes pride in being evil, calling himself a tyrant's tyrant (even having a portrait of Adolf Hitler in his office) and taking great pleasure on the suffering of the people of Mega-City One. He has a very large ego with him thinking he's the only one who can be Chief Judge of Mega-City One and considers everyone around him to be stupid. He is also very psychotic, sentencing people to death for minor reasons such as going against him and going out in the evening during the curfew. He was also going to bash Walter with his axe in anger that Dredd's alive and happily paralysed and pickled Judge Slocum alive just for calling him crazy and having "worry winkles". He's very delusional and messed in the head, sentencing Mega-City One to death and believing that he's hearing the voices of the dead Chief Judges. His delusion is also his main weakness, with him being fooled when told that Judge Fish's death is an "omen" to stop the executions and also believed Walter when he said he hates Dredd which was his biggest mistake. As time went on, Cal started to get madder and madder with his hallucinations becoming more violent and frequent to the point that he decides to unleash nerve gas all across Mega-City One due to the voices saying he has to go down. By the time he was defeated, he has lost his sanity, with him believing his very voice can make mountains tremble and believing he can control gravity before his death from height. He has shown to care about Deputy Chief Judge Goldfish and shows admiration for the Kleggs due to their murderous nature. He's also shown to be genuinly friendly to people who compliment him or show absolute loyalty to him (unless they insult him, even accidentally) such as when he planned on promoting Judge Giant when he said he didn't want Cal's uniform to get ruined and made Walter the first Robot Judge for saying he hates Dredd.

Physical Appearance

While it depends on the artist, he's generally shown to be a very handsome man who started off with long blond hair until becoming the new Chief Judge where he changed his hair to make it curly similar to Caligula and also has blue eyes and some winkles on his face. He's shown to generally wear a cloak and the Chief Judge's uniform.

Skills and Abilities

  • Genius-Level Intellect: Cal has shown to be a man of great intelligence, being able to take over Mega-City One suprisingly easy and several times almost killed Dredd. Cal could have completely suceeded if not for his insanity and delusions which caused him to make some fatal errors such as pickling Judge Slocum alive before he could report on Walter's attempted sabotage and letting Judge Giant execute Dredd rather himself just because Giant complimented him which allowed Giant and Dredd to escape.
  • Manipulation: Before taking over Mega-City One, he's shown to be able to manipulate others into doing his bidding by blackmailing and bribing.
  • Cunning​: He's also able to take over Mega-City One by deciet including getting Dredd sent to Titan.
  • Vast Resources: Being both the head of the SJS and being the Deputy Chief Judge, he has access to numerous files, information on others, wealth and after becoming Chief Judge, he had access to limitless resources which allowed him to build a wall across the east-side of Mega-City One which is a blockade between the city and the Cursed Earth and he was also able to set up nerve gas containers across Mega-City One.
  • SJS and Klegg Mercenaries: Cal, being the head of the SJS, brainwashing Judges in the Crime Briefing Room and blackmailing, already had quiet a large army under his control before taking over Mega-City One which allowed him to assassinate Chief Judge Goodman, allowing him to become the Chief Judge of Mega-City One. His army of brainwashed Judges, however, were not enough to control the 800 million citizens in Mega-City One so he hired Klegg mercenaries to wait in the Earth's atmosphere until the time is right, which is when Dredd, the rebel Judges and the armed populace almost took the Grand Hall of Justice until he called them in which the Kleggs massacred numerous people and forcing Dredd and the rebel Judges to go into hiding. However,  after the Judges were freed from brainwashing, his SJS and the Kleggs were easily overwhelmed but even then if the Judges are near enough to Cal's presence, they'll be unable to resis his commands.
  • Authority: He's able to show his authority when someone goes against him or questions his orders by tormenting them, torturing them or killing them to scare others into submission.
  • Intimidation: Whenever Cal goes angry or psychotic, nearly everyone becomes terrified of feeling Cal's wrath and by the hundredth day of his rule, the population were too scared to stand up to Cal since opposing him will immediantly get executed.
  • Ruthlessness: Cal never shows hesitation in ordering the deaths of millions and even sentenced the entire population of 800 million twice and also made Judge Slocum die slowly by paralysing him then pickling him alive.
  • Master Planner: He's an complete expert when it comes to planning, which allows him to take over the city and also was able to end the rebellion by having the Kleggs wait in the Earth's atmosphere until they surrounded the Grand Hall of Justice, then calls them in and they manage to decimate the rebellion.


"Do you love me, Judge Cox, like really love me? (...) 'Would you? That's a very generous offer. You've made me feel a lot better, Judge Cox. Off you go and do it, then! I'll let you use my gun! (...) 'No 'buts', Judge Cox! Either you love me or you don't!"

(To the 'crowd') "Thank you, thank you. You're too kind." (To Slocum) "Remind me to have a check-up after this, Slocum. I know there must be huge crowds but my eyes can't seem to focus on them (...) 'They're WHAT?! You ungrateful scum! You dare! I spare all your lives and you dare to insult me this way! Go on, hide behind your curtains! It won't do you any good! I'm glad I spared you! Glad! Because I can make you all suffer - You hear that? SUFFER!"

"Aaron A. Aardvark - That's an unusual name, citizen. (...') 'That is your good luck, citizen. It means you have the honour of being executed first. Congratulations and goodbye! (...') 'You dare! (Strikes Aaron) Take him away! Ungrateful Wretch - I have assured his place in history!"

"Citizens, I hear some of you are unhappy about your execution, you have no complaint! You rebelled against your Chief Judge and death is your just reward! Come, citizens, let us not be childish about this. Today is the day for celebration! Never before has a ruler sentenced his entire population to death! This is a great day - The greatest day in history - And you are lucky to be taking part!"

"A majestic sight, Judge Cox. The world has known many tyrants. But I am the greatest one of them all. A true tyrant. A tyrant's tyrant!"

"You have disturbed me in my bath. Pray that you have a good reason. (...) Very well, your request is granted, I sentence you to death! Ha, ha! You can't get much shorter than that, can you? I made a joke! Why aren't you laughing? (...) 'Humourless bunch. Take them away and carry out sentence today."

"So tell me something I don't know! (...) 'They dare! I want every Judge out there! Destroy the rebels! Show no mercy! The whole city is sentence to death!"

"Mmm... The robe of office suits me perfectly! I was born to be Chief Judge - I've always known it. Haven't you, Schultz?" (...) 'How could you always have known it, Schultz? You only met me two years ago. I have a way of dealing with liars!"


"You've always been to soft on that murderous devil. If I was Chief Judge I wouldn't even give him the benefit of a trial. (...) 'That robot's sickeningly loyal to Dredd. He's lying. Next witness.(...) Gentlemen, the penalty for crimes by a Judge is twenty years penal servitude on the colony of Titan. We've heard the evidence, now we must decide. (...) The verdict must be unanimous. Vote, Judge Goodman. Vote - or stand down, as Chief Judge and let me take your place." 

"​I want Dredd and I want him now! You've relieved of all other duties until he's found! (...) Don't ever question my authority again, Judge Ochs! I'm handling things around here until the Chief Judge is... well again."'

​"Curse them! I have shown them my absolute power - Why do they still oppose me?" '

"There are going to be changes round here. The sooner that you and the people all learn that, the better. I am Chief Judge now... I am the law!"

​"Now the city is one huge prison! There is no escape, citizens - I OWE YOU, BODY AND SOUL!"

 "Remarkable race, the Kleggs. Fight for the joy of killing and take payment only in meat. I though I'd let them eat the citizens. (...) H'mm, good point, Slocum. Pity. Seems a shame to waste a city."

 ​"And rule over an empty city? You fool! Where's the fun in that? I give you absolute power in this matter, Judge Grampus! Stop them - STOP THEM DEAD!"

​"I want a wall around the city - a wall a mile high with searchlights and gun emplacements! I want it in three weeks! (...) You have a workforce in millions, Slocum! You have a whole city!"

"If I can't kill Dredd, at least I can kill you! Kneel, robot! (...) What? Did you call Dredd... a creep? (...) Hmmm... Pehaps I won't kill this robot. With his help I can destroy Dredd's name forever! Slocum - Send of the Badgemaker. I hereby appoint you Judge Walter - Mega-City's first Robot Judge! (...) That's just the point, Slocum! If Dredd's own robot criticises him. The people will have to believe it! By the way, Slocum, the penalty for calling me 'crazy' is death. You did call me crazy, Slocum? (...) Do you...? Why, yes! I see the worry lines all over your face. We can't have that now, can we? (...) No, no. We must make sure you don't get anymore worry winkles. The question is - how? I shall give the matter some consideration, Slocum."'​ (Later on) "Ah, Slocum, I was just going to send for you... Roll up your sleeve. The Doctor is going to give you an injection for those worry winkles. (...) Oh, this isn't the cure. It's just a simple paralysing agent... (...) Come, Slocum - Less of that worried expression. Let's mould that face into a grin! Lowere him carefully, you Kleggs. It's really the best answer for your problem, Slocum. No more worries... no more winkles! You'll remain young, smiling, fresh - Forever! It's the only cure for worry winkles - And for men who call me crazy! Ha ha ha!"

 "Can't... Get them out... Of my head! Somebody help me! You devils! You only plague me because you are jealous! Under my rule Mega-City One has reached perfection! MY RULE, NOT YOURS! What's that you say? The only way to go is... Down? You DARE? My perfect city will last forever! FOREVER! Forever... forever...."

"Mega-City One's greatest moment approaches! The moment of supreme sacrifice! Soon all will be dead - Hee, hee - (...) And Mega-City One will stand forever as a monument to perfect government! MY GOVERNMENT! Come, gentlemen, drink with me to mark this historic moment. I have saved a bottle of ICI'89 - A rare vintage. (...) Hee, hee! I took the liberty of adding just a hint of poison to your glass. Quite a painful one, I believe. I am not bitter. It was fated that you should betray me - And fated that you should fail! Mega-City's future cannot be changed. It is kismet... Destiny!"

"You haven't found him? Am I surrounded by fools? (...) Fools! All of them! Thank heavens you got brains, Cal. You knew it would come to this, didn't you? You made plans, eh? You're wrong, Quincy. There's one Judge good enough to capture Dredd! I have him right here! Judge Dredd!"

"Helter Skelter"

Did you know there's a world where I didn't fall to my death from the Statue of Judgement? Where I've ruled a very different Mega-City One for twenty-five very different years?
~ Alternate Cal

Not long after that, in 2123, Mega-City One was attacked by another incarnation of Cal, from a parallel universe in which he had not been insane but had actually killed Dredd and ruled the city ever since. This alternative-history Cal took over the Grand Hall of Justice, killing hundreds of Judges in the process, and crucified all his prisoners in the street. He was finally stopped by Dredd and killed (again with the help of a civilian, Darien Kenzie), but only after considerable loss of life.

250px-Judge Cal2

Parallels with Caligula

The primary inspiration for the character seems to have been John Hurt's portrayal of Caligula in the 1976 BBC TV serial I, Claudius (he even looks vaguely like him in some frames). The parallel was made more explicit when the story was collected together under the title Judge Caligula when it was reprinted by Titan Books in 1982. Suetonis' story that the Emperor Caligula suggested his horse be appointed a consul is parodied with Cal making his goldfish deputy chief judge. There are many other parallels too, for example forcing people who had pledged their lives to him to commit suicide (see below) and gigantic and impossible building projects. At one point Cal orders a one-mile wall to be built around the city within three weeks: this neatly ties in with this quote from Suetonius: Caligula seemed interested only in doing the apparently impossible-which led him to construct moles in rough deep water far out to sea, drive tunnels through exceptionally hard rocks, raise flat ground to the height of mountains, and reduce mountains to the level of plains; and all at immense speed, because he punished delay with death. Another point of comparison is the Kleggs, the alien mercenaries who bolster Cal's rule and who are the equivalent of Caligula's German bodyguard.


  • Crime and Punishment (2000 AD prog 86, 1978)
  • Outlaw (2000 AD prog 87, 1978)
  • Bring Me the Head of Judge Dredd! (2000 AD prog 88, 1978)
  • The Day the Law Died! (2000 AD progs 89 - 108, 1978 - 79)
  • Helter Skelter (2000 AD progs 1250 - 61, 2001)

Other versions

  • An adapted version of The Day the Law Died! was used for the Judge Dredd movie in 1995; however Cal was replaced byRico Dredd and Judge Griffin.
  • Another version of the story was told in IDW;s Judge Dredd title (2014–2015).


  • There was a picture of Adolf Hitler in Cal's office.
  • There was a revisionist opera in 2125 which presented Cal as a misunderstood tyrant.