Judd Travers is the main antagonist of the animal-family movie Shiloh and it's sequel Shiloh 2: Shiloh Season before becoming an anti-hero in it's third installment; Shiloh 3: Saving Shiloh.

Character Analysis

Judd Travers is a mean looking man who lives alone in a trailer not far from the Prestons. He has a "big round face, whiskers on his cheeks and chin where he hasn't shaved . . . tight little eyes . . . beneath big bushy brows." His teeth are stained from chewing tobacco and he has a noticeable belly. Judd reads Guns and Ammo and Shooting Times magazines. He shoots small game like rabbits and opossum and has been known to shoot deer out of season.

Judd is dishonest, crude, and insensitive. He abuses his dogs and thinks he is above the law. He tells Marty and his folks that the "law never told me before what I could do with my dogs, won't be tellin' me now." He talks about kicking his dogs and not feeding them when they've done something he dislikes.


Judd reveals to Marty that his father abused him as a child. Because no one ever felt sorry for him, he never felt sorry for anyone else. According to Marty, Judd and his dad Ray knew each other since they were kids together, and that their parents never wanted them going anywhere near each other's house. As a result of being abused, Judd is angry. He is unfamiliar with feelings related to kindness or friendliness. The closest Judd comes to showing any sensitivity at all is when he leaves a glass of water — with ice — for Marty when Marty is working for him. The last day Marty works for Judd, it is as though Judd really doesn't want to see Marty go because he will miss Marty's company. Marty paid attention to Judd and talked to him as though he mattered. Judd shows that when a person is treated with respect and someone pays attention to them, they can make changes. Underneath Judd's meanness, he shows that he can be decent. He acknowledges Shiloh by name and even gives Marty a collar for Shiloh. He also later on saves Shiloh's life as Shiloh was about to go down a waterfall and even became friends with the police, military, firefighters, and paramedics.

Because of his name, he could possibly be of Lithuanian descent.