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Full Name
Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic
Magi, Former Member of Al-Thamen
Powers / Skills
Black Rukh, Borg, Thalg Al-Salos
To spread war across the globe, make Hakuryuu new ruler of the Kou Empire
Type of Villain
Omnicidal Maniac, Warmonger, Corrupting Influence

I couldn't forgive them after killing my parents. I couldn't forgive them after controlling my life without giving me choices! Why did they do it to me, and not Scheherazade, Yunan, or you? WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE ME?
~ Judar

Judar is a villain from Magi - The Labrynth of Magic. He is a Magi specialized in Ice Magic. He is the Magi and the former Oracle of Al-Thamen and the Kou Empire.


Judar appears as a young man with an average build and height. Judar has very dark blue hair with a long pony-tail that stretches down to his ankles. He wears an Arabian keffiyeh around his neck with a small black T-shirt under it, which is where he keeps his magic wand. He wears an Arabian thawb, that stops at his ankles, with no shoes. He has two golden bangled bracelets around his wrist and a golden bangled necklace with a ruby in the center.


He is very powerful, cruel, arrogant, and somewhat childish. Usually, he doesn't listen to anyone and does things his own way. He seems to be careless about what others think, goading Sinbad into feeling pity for him and then laughing at him. Because of his abilities he enjoys fighting and war, declaring that the Kou Empire will destroy Sindria. Judar is not above attacking innocent people to get what he wants. He also has an old rivalry with Sinbad. He’s proud of his extremely long hair, which he hasn't cut even once ever since he was born.


Judar was chosen by the Rukh and was born in a certain village in the east. His parents, along with everyone in his village, were immediately killed by the Al-Thamen. He was taken in by them and was taken advantage of before he was able to understand anything. He has been in this situation since infancy. Aside from this, not much is known of his past, aside from the fact he has run into Sinbad on multiple occasions, and both have fought with each other.


Dungeon Arc

Judar's first appearance is accompanied by Banker. He closes down the Dungeon Amon, that Alibaba, Aladdin and Morgiana were inside. As he was doing this, he commented on how annoying it was being there. Afterwards, he leaves pretty quickly on his flying carpet.

Kouga Arc

Judar appears again, relaxing at the Kou Empire's palace. He gets up and starts to talk to Banker, commenting on how he doesn't like the King. Also how he instead prefers Hakuryuu Ren. He goes and talk to Hakuryuu, trying to urge him to go capture Dungeons like his sister.

Balbadd Arc

Judar appears again, walking pass Aladdin in front of the palace of Balbadd. Aladdin notes that Judar is like a black sun. Judar heads towards King Ahbmad Saluja's throne room. He immediately appears as threat, as he talks to Sinbad, who has run into Judal many times before. After the meeting with the king, Judar follows Sinbad back to the city.

There he meets Aladdin officially and almost as soon as he comes, he starts fighting with him. Both Aladdin and Judar use Magoi to attack but seeing how it is useless, Judal starts using magic. Aladdin is pressurized as he lacked the knowledge of Magic. Judal has the upper hand at first by using Lightning Magic and Ice Magic, but he is quickly defeated once Aladdin summons Ugo. Right before Ugo can perform the finishing blow on Judar, he is saved by Kougyoku Ren and her assistant Ka Koubun. Ugo is quickly dealt with but Judar is rendered unconscious. He is later on treated by Kaboun Ka.

Later he is shown unconscious being surrounded by Rukh, the same as Aladdin. He is next seen woke attacking Alibaba at Balbadd's Palace. He asks Banker why he feels so powerful and Banker responds its because of the dark Rukh becoming his power. He then attacks Sinbad pinning him to a wall with his ice magic. As he was dealing the final blow Morgiana and Alibaba interfered. While Alibaba was attacking Kassim he was trying to stop him until Aladdin arrived. Aladdin used his magic on him but it didn't work.

Second Sindria

While Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana, and Hakuryuu are at the Toran island, Judar destroys Yamuraiha's barrier and confronts Sinbad, asking him about the existence and purpose of the fourth Magi. He questions Sinbad's real intentions for protecting Aladdin. Judal then threatens to destroy Aladdin and Sindria, declaring Sindria an enemy state to the Kou Empire.

Alma Torran Arc

Judar arrives at the Summit, calling Aladdin's story of Alma Torran "stupidly boring". He ignores everyone, including his longtime rival, Sinbad, and informs everyone of Hakuryuu's assassination of his own mother, Gyokuen Ren. He also shows off his new powers and attacks the Summit, protesting their attempt at a peace treaty. He states that he would rather have them fight each other.

He is later seen with Hakuryuu, supporting him in his attempt to become the new ruler of the Kou Empire. He helps him conquer Belial, in the same place where Hakuryuu falls into depravity.


As a Magi, Judar can use his Magoi to attack as well as turn it into Magic. Judar is best at Ice Magic. He is quite skilled with magic using multiple magic at once. He was trained in Magic ever since he was young by the members of Al-Thamen.


Black Djinn

Judar's Black Djinn was Kassim.


Judar use his wand for focusing his Magoi and Magic attacks. It appears to be a small metal rod with a red jewel at its tip.


It is said this is the proof that one can do magic. It is a defensive move that blocks out attacks with evil intent. It blocks out all physical attacks and magic to a certain degree.

Ice Magic

Judar orders water around, then freezes it into Ice Shards.

  • Sarg Arsarros (Rain Of Ice Spears) - Judar creates a huge ice shard and can shed it to send it to wherever he wants. It freezes that area completely.

Gravity Magic

Judar is able to use Gravity Magic where it appears like he is flying, by manipulating gravity. He is also able to use it to push people away with tremendous force.

Lightning Magic

Judar can turn his Magoi into Lightning Magic.

Wind Magic

Judar also showed using wind magic when he invaded Sindria. He created a small tornado to attack Jafar.

Space and Time Magic

Judar has the ability to teleport to another place without a Djinn.


  • His name is based on "Judar", the main protagonist of Judar and His Brethren from One Thousand and One Nights.
  • Judar enjoys strolling in the air and wars. His weakness is vegetables.
  • He’s proud of his extremely long hair, which he hasn't cut even once since he was born.
  • His type of woman is one with a personality opposite to him.
  • His favorite type is a strong person.

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