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Oh no, I g-g-g-glitch too!"
~ Jubileena taunting Vanellope

Jubileena Bing-Bing is a minor villain in Wreck-It Ralph. She is one of the many racers from the game Sugar Rush and is also a member of the group of bullies led by Taffyta Muttonfudge. Jubileena wears a large cherry on her head and has red hair and clothing, and her skin is slightly red as well. She is voiced by Josie Trinidad.


Jubileena is offering a gold coin to King Candy when Vanellope the glitch also comes, wanting to join the race, but is nearly arrested. She escapes but is located by Taffyta, who brings Jubileena and the other racers to find her. They finally corner her in a junkyard and Vanellope, unaware of their intentions, tries to impress them with her racing kart. Jubileena and the racers are unimpressed by this and Taffyta starts taunting Vanellope's status as a glitch. The other racers then start to destroy the kart. Jubileena is the first to actually damage the kart after Taffyta, hitting it at one point while mimicking Vanellope when she glitches. The other racers join her and crowd around the kart and hit, punch, kick, or jump on the kart. Vanellope pulls Taffyta away and tries to explain her reasons for wanting to be in the race, but Taffyta blows her off and pushes her into a mud puddle. Wreck-It Ralph, who had been watching the whole thing in shock and horror, finally jumps out and charges at the racers. Jubileena panicks and jumps into her racing kart and drives off along with the other racers.

Jubileena still thinks she has stopped Vanellope from racing, and continues on with looking forward with the race. The race starts and Vanellope isn't there. However, unknown to Jubileena, Vanellope drives in after the other racers have started. Jubileena didn't make it far into the race, as another racer named Adorabeezle Winterpop fired an giant vanilla ice cream at her and it landed on her and her kart, destroying it and putting Jubileena out of the race. Soon after, the Cy-Bugs attacked and Jubileena fled Sugar Rush. During this time King Candy revealed he was Turbo, a racer from the game TurboTime who got his game and another unplugged and entered Sugar Rush. Turbo was eaten by Cy-Bug and turned into one. He and the other Cy-Bugs were destroyed and Jubileena re-entered her world and Vanellope crossed the finish line, and Jubileena remembered she was the princess. Jubileena also remembered she bullied Vanellope and apologized. Vanellope said she and the other racers would be executed, causing Jubileena to go on her knees and beg until Vanellope revealed she was only joking.


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