Joys are female-looking Angels that are very powerful high-rank soldiers of Laguna. Though they have no definite form, assuming any form which they wish, they seem to prefer their female form. They appear to act as doppelgangers to Umbra Witches, possessing many of their moves and abilities and because of this have an incredibly wide range of attacks and powers. Their weapons seem to be made of the same material as Golems, and have the ability to reform to many of Bayonetta's weapons. They are first encountered during Chapter VI: The Gates of Paradise. While defending Cereza from a Beloved, a Joy disguised as Bayonetta kidnaps the girl. After a short chase, in which the Seraphim attacks with light barriers, Bayonetta faces her doppelganger and the Joy finally shows its real form.

Hierarchy of Laguna

Joys are members of the Seraphim class within the angelic hierarchy's First Sphere. These beings have broken free of any physical conception of form and have become truly spiritual.

Their body is as free as a flowing river, and it takes shape only on a temporary basis. Joys may take the shape of the human feminine form, but can also shapeshift, or even separate into multiple sentient forms at will.