That's not from Earth
~ The Master examines the Gate

Neither are you.
~ Joshua's callous reply

Joshua Naismith is a minor villain in the Doctor Who episode "The End of Time". He is a businessman who wants his daughter to be immortal.

He is played by David Harewood.


Naismith captured the Master to have him repair the "Immortality Gate"(a Vinvocci medical device) to make his daughter Abigail immortal. However, he betrayed him and instead used it to transfer his DNA to every human on Earth, making all of them become duplicates of him. After Rassilon appeared, who reversed it and was then defeated by the Tenth Doctor and the Master, Joshua Naismith and his daughter were apparently imprisoned.


  • Fans noted the similarity between this episode and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Joshua fulfils the role of Dylan Gould, another treacherous human businessman with much the same agenda.
  • He was in league with the Master's cult which resided in the prison and he kept track of the Master's movements and eventual escape.