Don't make this worse for yourself...
~ Joshua

Joshua (real name: Yoshiya Kiryu) is the unnoticed-turned-main antagonist (and one of the playable characters) of videogame The World Ends With You.

The Composer revealed

Near the end, Joshua is revealed to be the Composer, the leader of the Reapers. It's revealed he joined with Megumi Kitaniji, the Conductor, into forming the game all along. Joshua then returns Neku the memories of what really happened.

It turns out that he ended up running into Neku when he was looking at the painted walls. Joshua takes a shot, but it turns out he isn't trying to shoot him, but it's Sho Minamimoto. He wanted to kill him so that he can become the new Composer. It failed when Joshua, as the Composer, stops the bullets. Then he kills Neku, enabling him to become his partner in the second chapter.

Final Battle

Joshua proposes the final "game" to Neku; both of them will have a revolver, and whoever survives will become the new Composer. Because of having befriended someone with characteristics like him, Neku refuses to shoot him, then he gets shot instead, keeping Joshua's position as the Composer.

However, because of his experiences with Neku, Joshua has decided to keep Shibuya the way it is.



  • Joshua is the only partner character that Neku does not fight directly in a battle. However, Neku does fight him indirectly.
  • Joshua's name in Hebrew translates roughly to "God is salvation".
  • Joshua shares his English voice actor with the Onion Knight in Dissidia and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, a video game also published by Square-Enix.
  • In Week 1, Day 1, right before Shiki forms a pact with Neku, the player may look at the crowd in front of the Statue of Hachiko and Joshua will be standing right next to Neku. He is no longer present there after the pact is formed. He is also present in the same spot at the beginning of Week 2.
  • Oddly enough, Joshua is the only Player among the main Players to not be wearing a wrist, neck, or head accessory, such as necklaces, bracelets, hats, and headphones.
  • Joshua's third level Fusion is the only one in which Neku speaks first before attacking.
  • As an illegal Player in the second Week, there is a possibility of Joshua not paying an entry fee, because of his status as the Composer, though the absence of a Player pin is notable; he may not need one, because of his illegal entrance.
  • Of Neku's partners, Joshua is the most flippant with regards to battling the Noise; at the beginning of battles, he says "Have fun, Neku!" and "Don't make this worse for yourself." This may be understandable due to his position.
  • Characters when defeated against Noise will cry out, either in anger (Beat) or despair (Shiki). Joshua of note will occasionally state, "How could you, Neku..." as an expression of disappointment in his Proxy.
  • Joshua is very similar to Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genesis Evangelion.