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Oh. It's like that, huh... Porker?
~ Josh to Parker, after he threw food at him.
Well, forget it! I mean if Parker's gonna sob like a baby, then he'll come crawling back like (Chuckling) *another* baby, heh... then, um, I can handle this place myself.
~ Josh to Brittany, after she tells him to respect his friend.
Parker. Parker. Uh, a "goth-pportunity" is knocking in. I'm gonna answer that, okay? So take care of yourself.
~ Josh to Parker, before ditching him in "Hamish"
Why don't you take your tin foil-covered tubes and stick 'em up your nose?
~ Josh to the guards.

Joshua "Josh" Redgrove, also called himself "The Josh", is the main protagonist in Mr. Meaty. He is Parker's English-accented best friend and sometimes enemy. Despite being a protagonist, Josh has occasionally shown signs of villainous acts.

Josh enjoys dating girls, indie-punk music, and acting cool.

Josh is a year older than Parker.

Josh's foil is often Parker as he's usually made the girls leave whenever he does his nerdy stuff in front of them, much to the huge frustration of Josh (who is so bent on getting a girlfriend). Despite Parker sometimes being Josh's foil at times, Josh usually makes foolish decisions to be cooler.

Most girls he talks to do not like him; some girls (like Goth Girl, Josh's primary love interest) like Josh at first, but they always ditch him in the end, leaving Josh alone and pining once again. The girls don't like him because he treats them badly and makes them do his dirty work, and also because he is too skinny for them.

He hates his job and his dream is to make a horror movie (with Ninja Zombies) with Parker. His other dream is to become a rock star, and he might make it, as long as Parker keeps helping him. He complains 24/7.

At work, Josh works as the cashier, and does his best to keep his emo haircut out of the grease.


Despite Josh being annoyed at Parker's antics (even once saying that Parker isn't really cool), the two best friends have a mutual love and respect for one another. At times, Josh has gone as far as to protect Parker against anyone who insults him.

Josh is often a traitor, jerk, bully, and is sometimes rude to people (especially Parker). He even calls Parker "Porker" sometimes, which Parker has an extreme dislike for. Josh also makes foolish choices to boost his rep. Despite his bullying acts, Josh himself gets picked on by Ken, Darryl, and the Tater Tots.


  • Arthur Holden was rumored to voice Josh multiple times.
  • Josh shares several similarities with Squidward Tentacles from SpongeBob SquarepPants.

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