Josh Jackman

Josh Jackman

Josh Jackman is a supporting antagonist in Casper Meets Wendy.


Josh is introduced when he had an attraction to Wendy. The two hit it off until one of Wendy's aunt interfere. Wendy eventually became disgusted with Josh after he and his friend was being a jerk to her and concentrating on an arcade game. Wendy then have their game ruin by using her magic to unplug the cord. He later found Wendy in pool in disguise and force her to go to the dance with him, but Wendy would not accept after the way he treated her, so she used magic to humiliate him. Josh then found Wendy dancing with an invisible Casper in which he mistakenly believed that Wendy was dancing by herself. He later stole Wendy's wand after she used it on the Ghostly Trio and began playing with it. He did get his comeuppance at the end when he and his friend were scared off by Casper which caused them to drop the wand that turn Josh and his friend to horses.


  • Josh Jackman is portrayed by Blake Foster who is best known for his portrayal as Justin Stewart: the Blue Turbo Ranger from Power Rangers: Turbo and it's feature film: Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.