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Pride of Lenin, took Trotsky out of the picture! Drop the hammer on you harder than I bitch slapped Hitler!
~ Stalin to Rasputin

Joseph Stalin is a character in Epic Rap Battles of History. He is spired by the real-life Communist dictator of the same name.


Rasputin vs. Stalin

Grigori Rasputin started the rap battle by calling out Stalin for his crimes against his country and its inhabitants. After Rasputin told him that he should be careful or he could speak only a word and take his wife, Stalin responded by saying that he made Mother Russia his plaything and that he never cared for his life.

He then admitted that his son was locked up in prison and he didn't bother saving his life. He then threatened Rasputin by stating that he should put a noose around his neck and shoot him in a trench. He goes further by saying that he'll have his whole family shot, all his "wizard" friends shot and anyone who had sold him pierogi shot.

He goes further on to state that even in death, he was still able to crush anyone and claimed that he was the pride of Lenin and confesses that he took Trotsky out of the picture. Vladimir Lenin himself later appears and states that he has no gratitude towards Stalin and calls him out on ruining the dreams of a new society and stopped the greatest revolution since the birth of Marx.

Mikhail Gorbachev then comes out and begins rapping and tells Stalin that he needs yoga and advice on how to handle real power. Vladimir Putin then comes in and finishes the rap battle and also Season 2.

Alexander the Great vs. Ivan the Terrible

Stalin makes a cameo in Alexander the Great vs. Ivan the Terrible, along with Grigori Rasputin, Vladmir Lenin, Mikhail Gorbachev and Vladimir Putin.





  • As you probably would've guessed, Stalin was really this insane as he's presented in the video.
  • Just like in the video, it's shown that Stalin didn't have a good relationship with his second wife. It's even implied that he killed her when they were in a heated argument. It's also shown that he strongly disliked one of his sons to the point that said son tried shooting himself. Stalin, rather than horrified that his son tried to commit suicide stated that 'The boy can't even shoot straight.' His son was later made a prisoner of war, and Stalin refused to bail him out. His son committed suicide by running into an electric fence.
  • He was played by EpicLLoyd, who also provided the role for Hitler in the Epic Rap Battles of History trilogy between him and Darth Vader.

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