Get the hell out of here. You and this Urashima Taro.
~ Tokugawa, to Jonathan and Ed

Joseph Sadaoki Tokugawa is one of the three main antagonists of the Konami video game Policenauts, the other two being Gates Becker and Tony Redwood. Tokugawa was originally one of the five original Policenauts who left BCP to succeed his family's business. He soon became the most powerful man on Beyond. When Hojo was missing, Lorraine went to Jonathan to help look for him, but she was soon killed by a mysterious biker using a car bomb. Later, Jonathan confronts Tokugawa while hosting a party at the Tokugawa Building's Garden, only for Jonathan and Ed to be kicked out. When Jonathan and Ed, along with the Advanced Police and Gates, conduct a raid on Tokugawa Pharmaceuticals, Jonathan finds that the evidence was changed, and later frame Jonathan for murdering Hojo, Ishida, and Lorraine, with Gates and Tokugawa chuckling evilly to themselves. Near the end of the game, Jonathan attacks the Tokugawa Building, killing the AP force and defeating Redwood in a gunfight, and Ed soon comes to Jonathan's rescue and kills Gates, and before they exit the building, the two are confronted by Tokugawa and several other AP members, but since Jonathan had revealed Gates' earlier speech to the entire colony, Meryl and the BCP arrived and arrested Tokugawa for organ smuggling and drug dealing.