Joseph Price
Joseph Price is a villain from Saints Row.


Joseph Price is the main antagonist of the Westside Rollerz arc. though at first it seems that his uncle is the antagonist until he is killed by the Protagonist midway in the story arch. He is a skilled driver and commands the respect of all of his gang members. Price is clever with his uncle, William Sharp as the one who financed the Westside Rollerz. The only people Price shows any respect for are his uncle, William Sharp, and Donnie, the Rollerz chief mechanic.

Price dies truck accident during a vehicular showdown on the interstate with the player shortly after the The Protagonist avenges the death of Lin by killling William Sharp.


  • Joseph is the only gang leader who is not replaced by a member of his gang nor is a replacement leader unlike the other three gangs in the game.
  • He always wears his sunglasses even at night despite how unpractical it is.
  • His appearance bears some resemblance to Richard B. Riddick.