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Joseph "Jazzman" Morapama is the patriarch of the Cele turned Morapama family, the former CEO of the family factory and the (former) central antagonist of the first season of the township soap opera, Zabalaza, as well as the male protagonist of the first season.

He was a criminal and car heist jacker who was a strict businessman. He is the former husband of the show's female protagonist, Gasta Morapama and had a devious mistress named Lulama, whom were partners in crime.

When Gasta found out, she wanted a divorce but Jazzman planned to cheat her so that he can have all the money and leave her with money and plotted with Lulama, whom he had children with and when one of his children had an issue with Gasta's friend Sponono, due to her mother's manipulations, the child went so far as to frame Sponono, saying that she molested her.

This lead to Jazzman and Lulama to kidnap Sponono and drugged her into saying something that she never believed.

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