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Surrender? Never! That's shameful! Years ago, I defended Berlin from the Reds and I'll defend this city to my dying day! In the short time I'll have as Chancellor I'll never sign a surrender treaty.
~ Goebbels refusing surrender to the Red Army.
Joseph Goebbels

Joseph Goebbels is one of Adolf Hitler's closest supporters and the secondary antagonist of the film Downfall.

He is the Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany much like his real life counterpart. Goebbels was also responsible for implementing the antisemitism policy into the Nazi Party. He was one of the few Nazi leaders to be extremely loyal to the Fuhrer. When Hitler commited suicide, Goebbels was appointed as the new chancellor of the Nazi Party. None of Hitler's former general took Joseph Goebbels seriously because of his lack of charisma. However, when Vasily Chuikov requested that the Nazi government surrender, Goebbels denies, due to Hitler forbidding any type of surrender.

When Soviet troopers began marching into Berlin, Goebbels and his wife planned to die along with Hitler. The night after Hitler shot himself, Goebbels' wife poisoned each of their six children with cyanide, then went outside. Goebbels shot his wife, then himself, hoping to prevent the Red Army to capture him.

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