You... you! You turned me into a monster! Why would God do this to me?
~ Joseph Bertrand III, after gaining his powers.

Joseph Bertrand III, also known as The Behemoth in his corrupted form, is one of the main antagonists in the 2011 game, inFAMOUS 2.

He is voiced by Graham McTavish


He is the leader of a a group known as "The Militia" and also a group of mutated humans named The Corrupted. He took over the town after the police force started failing and said he wanted to stop all conduits and criminals, which he refferd to as "deviants". Despite the fact that he says he wants all conduits killed, he himself is a conduit with the ability to turn into a giant monster named the Behemoth, which the player fights twice; the second time he is defeated, he stays dead.

Powers and Abilties

Bertand gained his power by getting his own ray sphere and brought it out to a swamp area. He brought with him a bunch of people, whose death he thought would go unnoticed, such as homeless people and prostitutes. He wanted powers so he could be a "shiny superhero", but after gaining his ability, he realized he didn't become a "shiny superhero", but instead he gained the ability to turn into a monstorous creature named the Behemoth and the ability to turn other people into monsters, which are called the Corrupted. After realizing this, he decided to get rid of every conduit in the world.
Bertrand behemoth

Bertrand as the Behemoth


  • Bertrand created an army of Ice Soldiers to sell and eventually cause World War III, but they escaped because of Cole and became a rival faction.
  • Bertrand gained his powers before Cole gained his.
  • Bertrand worked with Kessler as part of the First Sons.
  • Bertrand uses media like T.V. and radio to spread lies about Cole Similar to The T.V. Jacker from inFAMOUS.