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Joseph's Brothers act as antagonists of the biblical tale of Joseph, the son of Jacob, and of its multiple adaptations. They are famous because of what they did to Joseph.

There are 11 brothers in total and their names are as follows: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, and Benjamin. It is worth noting however that Reuben was kind to Joseph and was the one who saved Joseph's life when the others conspired to kill him so he is technically not an antagonist. Also, Judah suggested to sell Joseph as a slave in order to prevent his brothers to kill Joseph, and regretted the brothers' actions against Joseph. Benjamin was too young to be a threat to Joseph and even he was born after the mass murder.


Before their story with Joseph, they wanted to take revenge because her sister, Dinah, was raped by the prince Siquem. Said prince lost his sanity and raped Dinah. When he discovered what he had done, he fell remorseful. Then, he asked to marry Dinah to make amends. Jacob's family accepted with the condition of having all of his male people, including him, circumcised. They agreed and the marriage was completed, but Joseph's brothers wanted revenge so much that in the third day the Siquem people was recovering, Joseph's brothers murdered all those men with malice aforethought and enslaved their women.

They are driven by jealousy and attempt to murder their brother out of spite but opt for selling him into slavery instead, taking a coat and smearing it with goat's blood to take to their father in order to fake Joseph's death. However, they are later revealed as liars after a lengthy epic in with Joseph finally manages to reunite with his father after years of slavery in Egypt.

Before the reveal, there was a long time of abundance or resources, but years later, there was a time of drought. When they learned about an Egyptian governor who could sell them resources (he is Joseph), Jacob authorizes them to go, but didn't let Benjamin come with the rest. They arrived to the governor's palace and Joseph as Zaphenat-Paneaj, who recognized them without them recognizing him, accused them as spies.


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