José Burromuerto

Buenos Dias, Al.
~ José's first line.
Your technique is almost as embarrassing as the way your girlfriend with an unattractive personality burned you on national television.
~ José insulting his brother and Heather

José Burromuerto is Alejandro's big brother and his archnemesis. He always call him "Al". He is a mentionable character in Total Drama World Tour and a minor antagonist in Total Drama All Stars.

He was voiced by Alex House who also voices Alejandro.


Alejandro mentions him in "Hawaiian Punch", saying it would be an embarrassment to lose to Cody. He states "My brother José will be compiling his insults already." Alejandro strongly dislikes his brother and is always teased or bullied by him. He says that "José always wins" and that José calls Alejandro "Al" because he knows that he hates it, revealing why he is angered every time someone calls him "Al." In "Suckers Punched", Alejandro had to fight José. After José insults him and Heather, Alejandro gets angry and beats José, gaining a point for the Villainous Vultures.


  • He is the third family member of a character to be shown on screen.
  • As Mal translated, Jose's surname "Burromuerto" means "Dead donkey".
  • Though he doesn't appear until Total Drama All Stars, he is part of the reason why Alejandro is a villain, as he taught Alejandro to be manipulative.

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