Jordan Buttsquat normally called just by his last name, is the main antagonist of Disney and Teletoon's Camp Lakebottom. He is McGee's arch-nemesis.


Jordan Buttsquat is the arch nemesis of McGee and a friend of Suzi, if there ever was one. He is a snooty, cunning, outright, dishonest, manipulative, traitorous, and up-scale snob, who is out to get McGee and his revenge. He is also King Supreme at Camp Sunny Smiles as being the son of the owner. It lays right across across the lake from the Bottom Dwellers. He will do anything he can to prove to McGee that he is the best and has the best, though he fails every time at this task. This always leaves a very bitter and whiny taste in his mouth. When it comes to snobs, Buttsquat takes the cake, and the only thing on his agenda is taking down McGee. His family owns Sunny Smiles, and he will do whatever it takes to make the campers at Lakebottom regret their stay. Obsessed with high tech gadgets, his plans rarely succeed due to McGee, Squirt, and Gretchen. In fact, his plans never succeed at all.