(ジョーラ Jōra) is an executive of the Donquixote Pirates' Trébol Army.

Appearance and Personality

Jora is a very large woman, with exaggerated facial features, a plump upper body and very skinny legs. She wears a pink dress, with yellow flowers on it, and has a pink bead necklace. Her green hair (orange and blonde in the anime), large cheekbones, heavy make-up, and pink pointed glasses accentuate her face.

Ten years prior, she appeared slimmer and her neck was longer.

Jora is quite full of herself, and has a habit of mishearing what her adversaries say to her as compliments, such as being referred to as a mermaid princess and a model, and then berating them for calling her such when they said no such thing to begin with. She is very passionate about art and her ability to bring her visions to life. However, her passion for the arts seems to somewhat cloud her judgment, as Brook was able to fool her into undoing the transformation on his violin and sword-cane by telling her that he also was an artist and that he wanted to play music in tandem with her art.

Abilities and Powers

Jora ate the Art Art Fruit, a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows her to alter the shape and appearance of any object, including living organisms, into whatever she wishes, making it into distorted, abstract art. Any weapon or vehicle that has been warped by this ability loses its functionality. She used this ability to sabotage the Thousand Sunny and prevented the Straw Hats from leaving.

She pictures the art in her mind and then a thought cloud appears above her head which she throws at the object, which becomes art upon contact with the cloud.



  • She is the second person to use her Devil Fruit powers for "art", the first being Galdino.