Joo Da-hae is the main villaness of the 2013 Korean television series Queen of Ambition. She is the former lover of Ha-ryu whom she betrayted.

She was portrayed by Soo Ae.


Da-hae's father passed away after he killed himself in the van when she was younger and her mother abandoned her at orphanage, there she met Ha-ryu whose twin brother was adopted by family and become friends. Her mother was remarried took Da-hae leaving Ha-ryu at teenage years when Da-hae was raped by her stepfather before she reunited with Ha-ryu, when her mother passed away Ha-ryu was one to taken care of her. She become hostess almost when Ha-ryu return to money to boss and beaten him.

and stepfather finds her after released from jail he tracked her before Da-hae kills him by Knife in self-defense.

Ha-ryu and Da-hae fall in love and had daughter named Eun-Byeol but they never married Ha-ryu worked as host to supported his family before Da-hae discovered it. She met Baek Do-hoon who was ceo of Baekhak and abandoned her family by greed and Eun-byeol passed away by car accident and framed Ha-ryu for murder. Despite struggled overcome her daughter's death Da-hee was engaged with Do-hoon only she become victim of jealous by Do-hoon's sister Do-kyung who happened be his mother and Ha-ryu met his long-lost twin brother Cha Jae Woong who was a lawyer who later died by plan and took his name with help of Suk Soo Jung who was later become Da-hae's stepdaughter.

Da-hae become terrified to see Ha-ryu's apperecne include one of plans : he almost ruined her wedding with Do-hoon and slap each other after kidnapping. Until Do-hoon disocvred the truth about his wife and Da-hee kills him,Do-kyung begged Ha-ryu to revenge and Da-hae met his second husband - Suk Tae Il whom she saved him from fire and kills her father in law. He become presdent makes Da-hee as first lady.

Ha-ryu blackmail her for seeing a webtoon and News about Da-hee funds of money caused her husband to divorced her and faced Ha-ryu for revenge which result shot him by her gun and rushed to hospital later Da-hee was banned of blue house and met Ha Ryu expeple her stepbrother learns the truth about his father and  tried kill Ha-ryu but Da-hee saved his life and killed before her death she apologized to Ha-ryu for she did for her mistakes and wrongdoing for hurting for others include Doo-kyung leaving Ha-ryu's revenge is competed but all alone after her death.


  • Joo Yang Hun (stepbrother)