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Jon (Jonny Fairplay) was on Survivor: Pearl Islands. He was part of the Drake Tribe. On the first Day, the tribes went to a small villiage to get whatever they can with limited money. When Rupert pirated The Morgan Tribe's shoes, Jon was up for it. The Drake Tribe was a Power House in the first three episodes. Jon was not liked by the women. On the first day, Jon drank a bunch of liquor that the Drake Tribe got. He told a lot of vulgar stories that upset Rupert and the girls. On day twelve, Jon's tribe threw the challenge and voted out Burton. On day fifteen, Michelle lost the challenge and Jon voted her out. On day eighteen, Jonny Fairplay voted for Rupert but Trish went home. Jon got in a serious fight with Rupert that night admitting that Jon voted for him. On day nineteen, Jon was on the chopping block. He convinced his tribe to keep him and vote out Shawn. Jon made it to the merge and voted out Andrew. He got on Burton's good side and got Ryan O. and Rupert voted off. On day 28, Jon did the most kniving thing in Survivor history. At the reward challenge, he lied about his dead grandma in order to get time with his buddy. On Day 30, Jon voted out Tijuanna. On Day 33, Jon and Burton stayed together as the voted out Christa. On Day 34, Burton won the car and took Jon on his reward. This gave the girls time to make an alliance. On Day 36, Jon voted for Lill but Burton got voted out by the girl's alliance. On Day 37, Jon was sure to get voted off but Darrah didn't win Immunity, so everyone voted her out. On Day 38, Lill won Immunity and voted Jon out, surprising him. Jon voted for Sandra to win the million dollars on the Jury.

Johnny Fairplay could be considered a complete monster in Survivor pear Islands as he committed truly heinous acts(Including stating his grandmother died to get a tactical advantage) was taken as a serious threat and appeared to be devoid of altruistic characters..But he basically gave up in Survivor Micronesia where he asked to be voted out first so he could be a father for his child.