Mr. Jones is the neighbor of Donald Duck, designed by the famous Carl Barks as his opponent in everyday life. In Italy appeared more often in old issues of Mickey Mouse being used more often rival Neighbour Jones.


Donald Duck made his debut in the history of aviator July 1943. They spend their days getting terrible jokes, which throw him balls baseball, use mega stereo to shatter the windows, "exchange" the products of propylene gardens. Their fights almost always end by destroying the houses and one of the 'other. E 'used mostly by Carl Barks, even if they are a bit' of appearances in the stories of Don Rosa.


Jones is a gruff man a little 'nasty, but very respectful and dutiful.

Physical appearance

Jones is a 'middle-aged man, in his forties. Her hair blacks, uncombed, the big eyebrows and cheeks very large. It would seem a little 'overweight.

According to the authors Italian Barosso and De Vita, Jones would be a naval officer (rank of admiral). It would be an elegant man wearing a thick sweater blue (or red) with cleavage in "V". It 'also appeared in a few strips for newspapers, designed by artists Al Taliaferro and Bob Karp.


  • Jones still lives with his mother.
  • Many times, by mistake of Italian artists, was called Anacleto, who is another character.

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