Whirley with and without his mask

Jonathan Whirley is the main antagonist of the 1987 movie Dragnet. He is portrayed by Christopher Plummer.

He pretends to be a well-known moral advancement activist, but is secretly the leader of a cult of devil worshippers known as PAGANs who are terrorizing Los Angeles. At one PAGAN meeting, he attempts to sacrifice a virgin named Connie Swail to a giant anaconda, but Joe Friday and his partner Pep Streebeck intervene and rescue her.

Friday is taken off duty when he attempts to arrest Whirley later after Connie identifies him as her kidnapper. With Friday out of the way, he plots to kill porn lord Jerry Caesar and flee the country with Connie after kidnapping her yet again. Friday and Streebeck manage to foil his plan, but Whirley escapes with Connie in his private jet. Amazingly, Friday pursues him in a police fighter jet and arrests him.