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Hey let's play together
~ Jonas to Anja
Jonas Pepolition Smiths is the tritagonist of the movie Kule Kidz Gråter Ikke. His villainous acts is bullying Anja (formerly) and destorying her. He is actually served as the main antagonist until he got redeemed and tried to heel her so she doesn't die. He is played by Victor Papadopoulos Jacobsen


Jonas is a bully and a friend of Anja who basically lives in a suburban house and has a busy mom. He is 12 years old and doesn't appreciate Anja. He is the villain who gets redeemed every second of the movie that he is the number-one explorer


  • He is quiet reference to Henry Evans from The Good Son. Their both kid villains and have the same technic being rude and humiliatiing. Their both same age and weird
  • He is the number-one kid villain
  • He is played by a norwegian guy