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This Milton is no friend to us. He will try and keep us from what we are rightfully owed. He is the blight, and we are the rain.
~ King, to his followers

Jonah King is the main antagonist of the 2011 horror/action film Drive Angry. He is the leader of a Satanist cult.

He is portrayed by Billy Burke, who also played Cesaire in Red Riding Hood.

Milton, the film's protagonist, escapes from Hell and returns to Earth to rescue his infant granddaughter from the clutches of King and his cultists. Early in the film, it's shown that King, after his men took Milton's granddaughter from her mother's arms, forced Milton's daughter to perform oral sex on him. When Milton's daughter bit off King's penis, King slit her throat in response and later used her femur to make a walking cane.

King plots to sacrifice Milton's granddaughter to Satan, hoping to literally bring Hell to Earth. During their final battle, he beats Milton with his cane and demands that one of his cultists bring the baby to him so he can kill the child and fulfill his plans. He then declares that nothing on Earth can kill him, at which point The Accountant appears and points to Milton, who trains the Godkiller on King, remarks "Not of this earth," and shoots King straight in the chest, killing him and eliminating him from existence.

In the final scene of the film, Milton is seen drinking alcohol from a piece of King's shattered skull, and he decides to keep it as a memento, pocketing it before returning to Hell with the Accountant.


I've changed my mind about you, Piper. You are too willful to be taught. I am going to kill you, and then I'm going to defile your corpse.
~ King, to Piper, before they fight
The fools do not know how blessed they are to look upon the messiah of the next age.
~ King