Joliet the Haunted and Cursed Doll, sometimes known simply as Joliet, is a doll that is supposedly possessed. According to legend, this doll was passed on from generation to generation to expecting mothers. Each mother was cursed with having two children - a boy and a girl respectively. The son isn't expected to live long; each boy lives to be about three days old before succumbing to unknown circumstances.

It is said that the doll traps the souls of the boys within its body wherein they are expected to remain until Judgment Day. Legend has it that it began when a woman received the doll as a pregnancy gift from a friend. This friend despised her for some unknown reason, and it's believed that she placed a curse on the doll out of jealousy. Three days after her son was born, he was stricken with a malady and died. Sometime after the death of her son, she heard crying that seemed to be emitting from the doll. Upon closer inspection, she concluded that her son's soul was imprisoned within the doll.

Since then, those who have inherited the doll treat Joliet as if the doll was their son, never attempting to dispose of it.