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Pay? The Black Dragon doesn't pay. We make others pay.
~ Jola

Jola is the daughter of Bannak, the Black Dragon ruler and the young sister of Kebral. She is a minor villainess in Mortal Kombat: Conquest.

She was portrayed by Andreea Radutoiu.

Jola and her older brother, Kebral, are the top lieutenants of the clan while their father remains head of the group and both of them answer to him.

Jola is very jealous and bitter towards the honorable Kebral, and she desires the command of the Black Dragon clan.

With her earth-shattering new abilities of the Black Dragon, she murdered her own father and later finally her brother, before heading to the trading post to crush all her enemies without mercy. Jola was completely invincible during her fight with Kung Lao and Siro. However, as Shang Tsung had warned her before, the powers of the Dragon are nearly uncontrollable.

Just as the powers began to drain the life out of Jola, Shang Tsung transported her back to the Cobalt Mines and took them from her. The sorcerer told Jola that he would keep her prisoner until she learned to master the Dragon's powers properly.

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