I got you a present!
~ Jokey

Jokey Smurf is the psychopathic mass murderer and the main antagonist of the Robot Chicken sketch The 7murfs. The skit is a parody of the movie 7even. As such, Jokey is both a parody of his original heroic counterpart from the Smurfs TV show as well as the main antagonist of 7even, John Doe.


The skit opens up with Brainy investigating the brutal murder of Baker Smurf, who was filled with stuffing, cramped in a hot oven, and exploded into several bits when the "police" arrived. With the help of Papa Smurf, Brainy researched the crime after two more disgusting murders and deducted that the unidentified killer is reenacting the several deadly sins, as the previous killings resembled vanity, gluttony, and lust.

Brainy then went over to Smurfette's cottage for some "massaging" when all he saw was an insanely laughing Jokey holding a blood soaked present box. Brainy realized that Jokey was the killer and questioned what was in the canister. When it was opened, it was Smurfette's decapitated head that later exploded. The cops arrived and arrested Jokey, still twitching and giggling.

The 7murfs Robot Chicken Adult Swim

The 7murfs Robot Chicken Adult Swim