Curtis Base

'Joker II is a name of a ?.


Curtis Base decided to turn to a life of crime and replace whom he believed to be one of the most top villains—The Joker, the clown prince of crime. It was because Curtis believed that the Joker died and began a crime wave with a series of gag-based murders. The original Joker was only injured as a result of an explosion caused by Jason Todd. Curtis and the original Joker ended up fighting for the right to gets to be called the Joker. The fight between the two foes ended as Batman appeared and Curtis tried to replicate the accident that created the Joker by leaping into a vat of acid. The acids in the mixture were far more concentrated than the acid that Joker fell into the bleached his skin and turned his hair green. The acid completely dissolved Curtis and nothing was heard from him ever since.


  • Genius level intellect - ?.
  • Business acumen - ?.
  • Paraphernalia - various weapons meant to appear as comic such as a pack of specially trained shaggy dogs and a wagon with old chestnuts.
  • Chemistry - He was able to replicate the Joker's smiling venom.