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Joker as he appears in Klonoa Wii

The Joker, also known as Joka, is a recurring villain in the Klonoa videogame series from Namco.  He made his first appearance in Klonoa: Door to Phantomile and became a playable character for Klonoa Beach Volleyball.


Joker is often described as greedy and cowardly, and will use any kind of underhanded tactic in order to win.  He appears to be very fond of his boss, Ghadius, and does most of his dirty work.   Joker is incompetent and inept through most of the first game, but after being berated by Ghadius he becomes more menacing and unpredictable in order to redeem himself in his master's eyes.

In-Game Abilities

In Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

  • Monster Summon: Joker throws small stones containing various monsters, which then battle the player.  He is the summoner of three boss monsters in the game, which are Rongo Longo, Gelg Bolm, and Baladium.
  • Boss-Battle Spin Attack: During combat, Joker will spin his fists in a wide circle; his fists are invincible and must be dodged instead of attacked.
  • Beast Transformation: After a set amount of damage is done to Joker, an eclipse will appear and transform him into his Beast Form, a large turtle with razor-sharp flippers.  Joker cannot be damaged in this form, and the player must light yellow blocks in order to end the eclipse and turn Joker back.

In Klonoa Heroes

  • Flower Fireball: Joker appears as "Flower Joker," and can use a one-two punch combo to summon fireballs.

In Klonoa Beach Volleyball

  • Chaotic Dance: Joker's Special Attack in this game causes his opponents to dance until they trip and fall down.

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