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Joker is Shin's primary henchman in the TV series. He served as the staff officer of the KING gang and was a master of the Nanto Shōten Ken style.


Joker's main role was to report Kenshirō's latest activities to Shin and give orders to Shin's subordinate gangs on his behalf. He was a master illusionist, who also carried unlimited throwing cards which were strong enough to cut through stone. Joker also had a pet hawk, which could lift him away whenever he needed to escape. When Balcom claimed that he and his men had successfully killed Kenshirō, Joker was dubious and visited the site of the battle to find Kenshirō's body. When Joker discovered that Kenshirō was indeed still alive and well, he challenged him to one final battle. Kenshirō outfoxed Joker and used the Hokuto Zankai Ken technique on him. Faced with being Kenshirō's messenger to Shin, Joker declined and chose death instead.

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