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Jokatgulm is a powerful water demon and a boss from Devil May Cry 2.


Jokatgulm is a giant blue demon, with a body features parts of jellyfish, snakes, and octopii. She has four large tentacles that she uses to attack, although they can be destroyed temporarily.


Jokatgulm emerges from out of the water within a harbor in Dumary Island around the end of both Mission 4 in Dante's story and Mission 3 in Lucia's story. Dante and Lucia both defeat Jokatgulm, although it is unclear which of them defeated Jokatgulm first. Regardless of which, both fellow devil hunters processed to Dumary Island's faux resort, Uroboros City.

However, after being defeated twice she dies, Jokatgulm is later revived as a component of Argosax the Chaos.

Powers and Abilities

Jokatgulm can regenerates her tentacles whenever they are destroyed and uses them again in defending herself. She also attacks with poisonous gas, and she can generate a magical shield to protect her body if Dante or Lucia gets on her belly and attack her. She can also create a giant bubble that that acts as a protective shield, knocking off her opponents while defending her from any more damage.

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