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"Ssso that'sss what I mussst do. I mussst get the little meerkat on hisss own. That meansss I mussst get rid of hisss fat, busssybody friendsss."
~ Joka's plan to get Timon

Joka is the main antagonist of The Lion King: Six New Adventures book "A Snake in the Grass".

He is a large purple snake who wished to eat Timon. But due to Timon always being around his friends Pumbaa and Simba, Joka decided that in order to get at Timon, he must separate him from his friends.

Joka goes to each of the trio separately and tells them that their friends have said things about them. This plan succeeds and results in the trio splitting up. Joka eventually gets Timon alone and hypnotizes him, but the meerkat is able to break out of this.

Simba and Pumbaa come to their friend's aid, but ends with Joka freeing Timon and starting to strangle Pumbaa. Luckily, Simba defeats the snake by throwing him into a river.


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