I'm the buddy of the cousin of the descendant of the spirit who once guarded this palace
~ Jojora

Jojora is a boss encountered in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. She along with her friends serve as the bosses of Joke's End.


Jojora is the ruler of Joke's End, a cold place where the bad jokes are put in, as well it was once guarded by a ancient spirit according to Jojora. Jojora makes her first appearance in the gate of Joke's End and puts many obstacles in Mario and Luigi's way to exchange the fake Beanstar and save Princess Peach from Bowletta and Fawful. Near to the end of Joke's End, the Mario Bros. will find Jojora again, who will ask them to sit down, while she also says how admires their perseverance. Jojora then, will ask the two brothers which of her friends they would like to meet to take a tea, the player can choose different names but the friend will be the same, a snowball-like creature who in that moment fight along with Jojora against Mario and Luigi. After Jojora's friend is defeated, she gets angry and sad at the Mario Bros. for doing such thing to her friend, calling them uncool and jerks. After that, Jojora will leave to not be seen anymore, and the Bros. continue their adventure.

In Battle

Jojora is very tough in battle, a hit from either Mario and Luigi will only cause one damage to her, which makes her the toughest boss in the whole game. She can also freeze the Bros. using her wand and create a snowstorm when one of them attacks her friend, and also has the power to restore her HP and her friend as well. Despite this, she can be easily hit with the Hammer when she walks to one of the Mario Bros. which will make her cry and leave the battle, at this point, Mario and Luigi deal with Jojora's friend without problem. However, she will come back to the battle in a short time.


  • Her race is unknown, but some claim that she is a fairy of ice or at least a ghost.
  • Jojora is disliked by fans of Mario & Luigi since her appearances throughout the event were just to delay the exchange of the fake Beanstar for the Princess.


Mario & Luigi- Superstar Saga Boss Battle- Jojora & Guest

Mario & Luigi- Superstar Saga Boss Battle- Jojora & Guest