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Jojo is a gangbanger, character, and antagonist in Jason takes manhattan. When Sean, Toby, Julius, Rennie, Charles, and Collen arrived at New York after surviving Jason's rampage at the S.S. Lazarus and escaped it before it sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, he and Homes attacked and robbed them, they stole their money and the Statue of LIberty necklace Sean gave Rennie when both of them were on the ship and kidnapped Rennie, they threatened to kill her if they followed them, which leads them to split up and search for help.


He and Homes take Rennie to an alley while Rennie screams for help, Jojo goes somewhere while Homes injects something in Rennie so she wouldn't escape. He came back to get some money but saw Jason and realized he killed Homes, He pulls out his gun and shoots Jason 6 times but it had no effect on him, which confuses and shocks him, he pulls the trigger a 7th time but no bullets came out because he was all out. Jason then knocks the gun out of his hand, grabs a hold of him, takes him to a pipe and bashed his head against it, killing him and breaking the pipe.

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