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Johnny the Boy is a member of the Toecutter's Gang a supporting antagonist in 1979 action and post-apocalyptic film Mad Max.


Johney was the Toecutter's protege who commited many crimes include rape and serial murder. He was arrested by Max and his friend Jim "Goose" Rains for participant in gang rape of woman and beating her boyfriend almost to death but they refused to testify against Johnny out of fear, forcing Johnny to be bailed out.

Later Johnny sabotaged Goose's bike with Toecutter's help, causing Goose to be injured the next day while riding at high speed. Johnny was persuaded by Toecutter to finish Goose off, lighting a match and throwing it at the leaking fuel, resulting in a fiery end for the patrol officer.

Johnny was later hunted down by Max and handcuffed to the car wreckage. Max then set up a deathtrap, telling Johnny he could either cut his handcuffs in 10 minutes or cut through his own ankle in five. As Max drove away, the car exploded, taking Johnny with it.

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