Johnny Wong is the main antagonist of the 1992 Hong Kong film Hard Boiled. He is traid boss who ruled Hong Kong whose gang killed Det Yeun's friend caused him to revenge. Johnny discovered that his henchman is actually is undercover cop.

Tequila finds the last baby in the maternity unit, and carries it to safety while fighting off the last of the gangsters. Alan and Tequila meet up again and are confronted by Wong, who has set bombs to blow up the building. Alan pursues Wong as Tequila escapes the hospital with the last baby, the hospital exploding around him. Outside, Wong suddenly appears holding Alan at gunpoint. After watching Wong humiliate Tequila, Alan grabs Wong's pistol.

Towards the end of the film at a hospital, he holds all the patients, police officers, and staff hostage and he kills patients who try to escape. He shoots at officers who are trying to evacuate babies. He shoots at a crowd of patients standing between him and his enemy. His henchman Mad Dog shoots him for this, so he kills Mad Dog.